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Q&A: Ixta Belfrage on London & the Perfect Margarita

"Zingy, limy, zesty - taste it to believe it!"
We caught up with chef & author Ixta Belfrage ahead of her three month residency in Isla, our ground floor restaurant, available lunch and dinner. 

Describe the menu in 3 words. 

Zingy, limy, spicy. Taste it to believe it!

Where in London are you dying to go?

A lot of my favourite Brazilian dishes have their origin in West Africa, because of the ingredients and influences brought over during the slave trade. I’m fascinated and inspired by West African cuisine and would love to try Akoko restaurant.

You have previously partnered with Decimo’s exec chef Peter Sanchez Iglesias in Decimo on a Oaxaca inspired dinner, where else would you recommend for Mexican food?

Although not a restaurant, I would recommend checking out Karla who runs Mexican Food Memories on Instagram. She caters and does cooking classes at her house. She’s also just announced her debut cookbook Norteña which looks incredible—you can preorder it here.

Is there a city or country you haven’t been to that has a culinary scene you’re dying to experience? 

I’ve never been to South East Asia—I’m itching to go on a long trip around Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos. 
How do you like your margaritas?

Aha! Good question because I’m quite specific (annoying!!) about it. I’m not a fan of very sweet drinks and I really dislike Triple Sec and Cointreau. So I order a smoky mezcal margarita, heavy on the fresh lime (not citric acid!) and with the tiniest amount of agave. If the bartender can throw in some fresh or dried chilli, even better. But absolutely no Triple sec or Cointreau, thank you very much! 

What's next for you in 2025?

I’m working on a few little things… top secret for now but keep your eyes peeled. 

Check out the Isla x Ixta full menu and book in here.


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