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Stan's D'aily Designer Interview: Andrew Buckler

With all the fashion mayhem in city this week, we over at the Standards thought we'd deliver a little piece of it right onto your plate. That's why I, Stan D'Arde, have reached out to all my designer friends to bring you Stan's D'aily Designer Interview.

Every day we'll delve into the psyche of these illustrious designers by asking them a series of the same questions. Every day, you'll get their answers and then compare.

Today's interview, we have Andrew Buckler who most recently hosted his post show gathering over at our newest hotel, The Standard, East Village.

Andrew Buckler...Illustration by Brian J. Hendricks

After fashion week I'm going to…

Stay in LA for the opening of the Converse store!

British Vogue or French Vogue?

BRITISH of course.

Most important accessory for a man?

a great Belt preferably from Buckler

Epitome of luxury for a woman?

A Toyboy!

Designing for The Duchess of Cambridge would be…

A fun prospect.

Downton Abbey or Real Housewives?

Downton Abbey...

Leather makes me feel …


The last thing that made me gasp..


The Standard is literally, like the …

Vodka in my bloodymary.

So over…

The Republican nominees

So into…

My new iphone!

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