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Getting Ready for Pride with NYC Party Collective BUBBLE_T

When the BUBBLE_T party collective held their first party a year ago, they disrupted the New York City nightlife scene and ushered in a new, diverse era. The queer Asian crew hosts monthly parties across NYC that are "safe, inclusive spaces carved out for queer and trans people of color," and say they're [per their Instagram bio] "WHERE ASIANZ RULE BUT EVERYBODY'S WELCOME." The collective is comprised of creatives across every discipline that don't just host fabulous themed parties, they create awe-inspiring worlds

On Friday, June 22nd, BUBBLE_T is taking over Le Bain for Haute_Pot_Pride. Opening Ceremony's Humberto Leon counts as one of the many notable hosts, and DJs and drag performers will take the stage to slay away and help you do the same. The newest (and coolest) employee here at The Standard, Angela Dimayuga, our Creative Director of Food and Culture of Mission Chinese fame, designed a custom menu for the party in collaboration with Chef Frederick Aquino. The crêpe stand at Le Bain will become "Spa Water Cup of Noodle" where gourmet Cup of Noodles and Filipino halo-halo flavored dessert crêpes will be ready to quench your drunchies. She also teased CBD jello shots topped with hōjicha-infused whipped cream and a "jacuzzi hot pot moment." 

Before they ascend to Le Bain for Pride, BUBBLE_T's Nicholas Andersen, Stevie Huynh, Karlo Bueno Bello, Paul Tran, and Pedro Vidallon bopped around Manhattan's Chinatown as they planned the party. They're not a boy band, but they should consider becoming one.

Clothing in this feature provided by Private Policy and CFGNY.
Top to bottom: Nicolas Andersen, Stevie Huynh, Karlo Bueno Bello, Pedro Vidallion, and Paul Tran.


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