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In Praise of the Egg Sandwich

In praise of the fancy egg sandwich (post-coital or post-whatever)

In her memoir, Insatiable: Tales from a Life of Delicious Excess, food writer Gael Greene writes of a brief and casual romantic encounter with Elvis Presley. As she was getting ready to leave, Presley gestured toward the phone and asked "Would you mind calling room service and ordering me a fried egg sandwich?" Greene writes, "The fried egg sandwich — that part I remember. I can't remember how big 'It' was, how long the sex lasted, or who was on top (probably me). But I have never forgotten the fried egg sandwich. Yes, the totemic fried egg sandwich. At that moment, it might have been clear I was born to be a restaurant critic."

Many a life has been saved by an egg sandwich. When the night has come and gone, and the morning rears its ugly head, there are few things in life that can set things to right quite like the humble, occasionally overlooked egg sandwich. Properly prepared, it’s the ideal solution to a blurry breakfast menu swimming in front of you. Just sit back, relax, and order the fancy egg sandwich…everything is going to be just fine.

Not only do these marvels of form and function organize the essential breakfast items (bread : egg : meat : cheese) into the perfect ratio per bite, there is variation to be had in the particulars. Which is why we equipped each and every Standard with its own signature model. You can travel from LA to Miami to New York, staying at The Standard as you go, and never worry where your next egg sandwich is coming from. 

Herewith, an illustrated guide to The Standard's egg sandwiches: 

Egg, Bacon, Choice of Cheese

Fried Egg, Bacon, Cheddar Tomato, Semolina Roll

2 Fried Eggs, Fresh Mozzarella Crispy Prosciutto, Arugula Multi-Grain Toast, Fries

Egg, Bacon, Cheddar, Kale

Spicy Aioli, Sunny-Side-Up Egg Breakfast Potatoes

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