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Movie Poster Maestro Akiko Stehrenberger Does Her First-Ever Doodle Interview

This month, illustrator Akiko Stehrenberger takes over The Box at The Standard, Hollywood. You might know Akiko’s work without even knowing it — her bread ‘n butter is creating movie posters with an emphasis on drawing that lends them a strange, otherworldly air. Bad Milo, Funny Games, The One I Love, are some of her best-known creations. In keeping with the nature of her work, Standard Culture conducted its first-ever doodle interview.

Join us on Thursday, November 20th at 7pm to celebrate Akiko's installation (details at the bottom of the post). On view through December 1st.

STANDARD CULTURE: Current emotional landscape?

What are three things you need when you’re making your work?

Please draw a quick sketch for an imaginary movie poster.

Can you show us a bird’s-eye-view of your workspace?

What shape do you find yourself drawing again and again?

What are some of your favorite things or places in LA?

What does your installation for The Box look like (roughly)?

What does a box look like?

What is your next project?

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