Your May Horoscopes

From our favorite astrologer Lori Bell, here's what the stars have in store in May...
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A brand-new cycle begins with the New Moon in Taurus on May 7. This transit holds special significance since it co-joins last month’s Jupiter-Uranus conjunction. It brings the potential to nurture and cultivate the seeds of opportunity that auspicious alignment planted. Together, Jupiter and Uranus ushered in opportunities for change, abundance, wisdom and unexpected breakthroughs.

What makes this New Moon so auspicious is that it’s bookended by to benefic planets, Venus and Jupiter, which symbolize success and good fortune. Venus rules Taurus, so she steps into her full power. The sun’s rays combust Venus and Jupiter, allowing their magical influence to shimmer behind the scenes. Whether you gain clarity or simply plant the seeds of intention, keep those goals private and close to your heart through this time. By keeping things under wraps, you’ll set the stage for blessings to blossom once Venus and Jupiter emerge from the sun’s beams. Once they do, their gifts (love, generosity, concern for others) will bloom.

Magical, miraculous…Taurus’ grounded energies anchor and center us as we move slowly and take practical steps to realize our vision.


After two months of Mercury's fast and fiery energy in Aries, it's time for a shift in our mindset. Fortunately, Mercury has now moved into Taurus, providing a much-needed break. With Mercury in Taurus, things slow down and our minds become calmer. This shift has a more grounded and practical vibe, which can bring enjoyment and connection, especially since Venus rules Taurus. Our thought process is now slower and more deliberate, and our mental focus shifts toward finding practical solutions. We’re more interested in methodical planning, grounded thinking and factual information.

However, Mercury clashes with Pluto the next day. This may lead to confrontations as we reclaim our autonomy and share our truths. With Pluto and Mercury together, we can become obsessed with ideas, wherever our mind steers us. We may need to confront complex realities that need to be addressed. This only lasts for a few days—at most. Cheers to a peaceful state of mind!


Hello, Gemini Season! As the Sun enters Gemini, it brings a vibrant, joyful shift for the Sun. Gemini season highlights versatility with a restless, scattered vibe. Gemini is insatiably curious, a master of multitasking, capable of seeing life from all different perspectives. It’s time to socialize, be flexible and keep an open mind. Let your playful, witty side shine through. Embrace the contradictions within yourself and others—that's part of the charm. 

The next day, the Sun trines transformative Pluto, igniting our inner power and curiosity. We will be more confident expressing ourselves, prioritizing our needs and discovering our inner strength.

Cheers to Gemini Season!


Get ready! On May 23, the full moon will illuminate the sky in visionary Sagittarius. This complex lunation merges various energies, pulling you in many directions at once. Freedom-seeking Sag loves expansion and adventure, colored by wisdom and optimism. Meanwhile, the Sun trines Pluto, adding intellectual intensity, breakthroughs and inner strength to this mix.

Jupiter in Taurus rules this full moon, providing the anchor of a stable, secure and consistent vibe. It conjoins Venus in Taurus, bringing contentment and relishing in the present moment while enjoying simple pleasures and tactile comforts. The tension lies between Sagittarius's fundamental need for excitement and adventure versus Taurus's need for consistency and stability.

Jupiter is nearing the end of its transit through Taurus, preparing to move on, yet it isn't ready, knowing change is imminent. For the next two weeks, we'll be feeling this energy. While chilling on your sofa, embrace the Taurus vibe, let your mind drift into visionary Sagittarius and dream big about what will bring fulfillment in your next adventure. Be that visionary. Cheers to new horizons!


Venus in Gemini brings a witty, sociable, lighthearted and flirtatious energy. It’s also charming, eloquent and accommodating. Curiosity motivates us in romantic and social interactions—the key is to be interesting. Forge bonds through words: wit, clever banter and engaging conversations attract us. During this transit, we're most attracted to mentally stimulating people.

It’s time to be animated, playful and fun! Keep things light and on the surface – save the deep emotional drama for later. This isn’t time to go it alone, delve into friendship and collaboration. It’s best to work around others while Venus transits through Gemini. Cheers to a fun, flirtatious and playful Venus!


One of the most significant astrological events in 2024 is Jupiter's arrival in Gemini on May 25. This transit marks a major shift as Jupiter leaves Taurus's grounded energy and enters Gemini's mentally stimulating, curious realm. Like a gentle breeze, Gemini's energy is light, outward and expansive. Jupiter's vast and abundant energy will open doors to new plans and possibilities. We're meeting new people, expanding our social circles, going within our communities and sharing ideas. Gemini is friendly and puts others at ease with wit, ingenuity and open-mindedness.

Focus on the new: innovative ideas, cutting-edge technology, intellectual pursuits and versatility bring excitement and stimulation. However, you might feel overloaded with enthusiasm and novelty. Don’t say “yes” to every opportunity that presents itself. If you tap into Jupiter’s higher wisdom, you’ll rise above trivial matters with broader perspective.

When Jupiter transits through Gemini, big disruptions in technology and communication happen. Prior cycles have brought the launches of iTunes and Wikipedia, the massacre in Tienamen Square, the Bush V. Gore fiasco in the 2000 election. Jupiter also rules universities and student demonstrations. What’s next? Be discerning and triple-fact-check everything this year. Rely on legit, reputable sources to help navigate this chaotic mess of fake news, AI and bad information. 

Here's what's happening for your Sun sign in May 2024...


Aries, the wild ride from last month's total solar eclipse (and that Mercury retrograde) is finally over. It's time to pull yourself together and rise to the occasion! Your ruling planet, Mars, has just entered your sign, ready to infuse you with courage and determination. Mars only comes around every two years in your sign, so make the most of it and step into your power. On May 19, Mars will meet up with the North Node, giving you a cosmic nudge toward your true calling. This is your opportunity to pursue what you want, take ownership and become the leader you’re meant to be. You're in control—so take charge! Jupiter, the planet of abundance and growth, enters Gemini on May 25 for a year-long stay. Expect a surge of fresh ideas, a boost in curiosity and plenty of engaging conversations. Trust your instincts, and go after what you want! You've got this!



When Jupiter arrived in Taurus last May (teaming up with Uranus), a new chapter started. This cosmic event reached its peak with their conjunction in April. What do you envision your life to be like now? Tap into your inner visionary and take charge of what comes next. The universe is totally on your side: A New Moon on May 7 activates the potential of this Jupiter-Uranus meetup, creating space to nurture the seeds of opportunity that have been planted. Venus and Jupiter bring good fortune, so stay tuned for success and abundance. But it gets even better when the Sun joins Jupiter on May 18, providing a boost of confidence, optimism and self-belief. Bet on yourself and you’ll be rewarded! On May 25, Jupiter bids farewell to Taurus and shifts into Gemini, expanding your financial life and bringing opportunities to make more money. Cheers, Taurus! May is definitely your month. 



You’ve been healing, resting and clearing mental clutter since May 2023, when expansive Jupiter entered the hidden part of your chart. This break from the outside world has been great for you, but it’s time to step out of the shadows on May 25. The spotlight’s yours! Make your epic debut as Jupiter enters your house of self-expression, vitality and identity for the next 12 months. Jupiter’s ushering in a new 12-year cycle of growth and abundance. Themes you might remember from June 2012-13 might resurface. This planet opens doors to new plans and possibilities, so you’ll feel more in tune with your future potential than ever before. Take this surge of energy and confidence and shine your unique light in a big way. The universe is conspiring in your favor, and with Jupiter by your side, your potential is limitless. Cheers to Jupiter!




Mars in Aries reignites the powerful eclipse energy and supercharges your career in May. Seize that visionary energy and realize its potential! You’ve been sitting on the sidelines, but it’s time to embrace your inner leader and own it. Mars joins forces with the North Node (your cosmic career compass) and helps discover your true professional path. While you're rocking it at work, your social life is infused with an array of benefic planets in Taurus. The New Moon in Taurus on May 7 graces your house of Good Fortune, governing your aspirations, friendships, support systems, and networks. Venus and Jupiter merged, amplifying their noble qualities of generosity, kindness, abundance and harmony—showering you with blessings. Bask in the love and support you give and receive from your friends. Cheers to empowerment and friendship!



Jupiter joined Uranus in April, and now’s the time to capitalize on it! These planets have been collaborating since last May to bring a transformative era to your career. These two giants merge and bring catalytic breakthroughs, unexpected opportunities and exciting changes to reshape your professional path. May 7’s New Moon in Taurus takes on extra significance, amplifying the energy of that Jupiter-Uranus connection. That alignment planted seeds of opportunity, and they’re ready to be revealed. Set intentions during this powerful lunation as you gain clarity. The cosmos urge you to keep your plans under wraps for now. Venus and Jupiter, the celestial bodies known for bestowing success and abundance, are working behind the scenes on your behalf. The blessings will come to fruition once they move out of the Sun's beams. Cheers to epic ascents!



Since last May, you've been on an inner quest, seeking greater meaning and purpose and expanding your worldview. This quest concludes with an auspicious farewell. A powerful love fest of planets in Taurus brings blessings and abundance, coinciding with the fortuitous New Moon on May 7. Venus and Jupiter, the most benevolent planets, join together on the New Moon, amplifying their offerings of abundance and good fortune—as well as generosity, kindness, clarity and love. Set your intentions on the New Moon, trusting they align with your highest good. Keep them close to your heart until the time is right to reveal them. A significant shift occurs on May 25 when Jupiter enters Gemini, launching a year-long period of incredible potential in your career. Use all that wisdom and insight from your quest to fuel it! It’s time for growth, expansion, and manifesting your dream. Embrace the transformative power of this cosmic cycle and boldly step into the next chapter of your journey. Your hard work and newfound clarity will pave the way for remarkable success and fulfillment ahead.




Remember last month’s solar eclipse? It set a fire ablaze in your house of relationships, guiding you through karmic gates to profound change. You’re feeling open and decisive in relationships, trusting your gut to take risks and make new choices. May is the month to put into action what the eclipse set in motion. The inner roadblocks have been cleared, and now, Libra, it's time for you to engage in new ways of relating. It may not come naturally for you to confront others or speak your truth without fear of reprisals, but you should give it a try. You’ll get the support you need from Mars (the planet of action and courage) in Aries, lending his power to your house of relationships. It's time to take the reins, harness your inner warrior, step into your courage, be decisive and speak your truth. If you do, your relationships will move beyond surface-level interactions and into more rewarding partnerships. Libra, it may be challenging—but aren't all relationships? Growth often requires stepping out of our comfort zones. Here's to empowering partnerships and the courage to create them!



Your house of relationships was under renovation until last May, when Jupiter entered Taurus and joined Uranus, who had been dwelling there since 2018. Uranus has been creating havoc as your desire for freedom and self-expression took over. When Jupiter arrived, he brought growth, optimism, and abundance. They officially hooked up on April 19, when the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction formed one of the most exhilarating cosmic unions, commencing a new 14-year cycle. Jupiter is wrapping up his cycle on May 25, heading toward Gemini. In his grandeur, a lineup of planets in Taurus will show up with blessings as his farewell gift. The New Moon in Taurus on May 7 triggers the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction and cultivates the intentions set forth by this auspicious alignment. Venus and Jupiter merge during this lunation, amplifying success, good fortune, abundance, love, and generosity. Your partnerships are experiencing a lovefest. Celebrate and bask in the love you give and receive. Honor how you have transformed and grown over the past year. Cheers to love!




Feeling creative? Romantic? Last month's solar eclipse in Aries set the stage for a major transformation in your self-expression. This cosmic event may have questioned what brings you joy and ignites your passion and imagination. Mars (the planet of action and desire) is in Aries, wielding immense power on his own turf. This reactivates the solar eclipse energy and unleashes a tidal wave of creative expression. When Mars returns to this spot every two years, he awakens your inner fire and pushes you to pursue passion with unrelenting enthusiasm. Prepare for a surge of energy and motivation that will propel you to express yourself. On May 25, one of the most significant cosmic events of the year occurs as your ruling planet, Jupiter, enters Gemini for a 12-month stay in your house of committed relationships. The last time Jupiter was here was in June 2012-2013; similar themes may resurface. Your relationships are about to take center stage now, so expect a renewal in this area of your life. Cheers to creative self-expression!




April was eventful, huh? The solar eclipse and the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction made a strange and wild time, making promises. Now it’s time to collect on that potential with Mars in Aries. He’s keeping that eclipse energy alive and igniting your house of home, roots and foundations. Mars brings a surge of motivation, driving you to accomplish everything you wish to achieve. However, it can get testy as you deal with family dynamics and your living situation. Whatever you want to change on the homefront, Mars has your back and gives you the courage to set changes in motion. Nothing is going to stop you, Cap! When things get heated at home, you'll want to spend most of your time in your 5th house of pleasure, creativity and romance. Jupiter has been dwelling there since last May; join his farewell celebration before he packs his bags on May 25 and enters Gemini. The New Moon in Taurus on May 7 awakens last month's Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, manifesting breakthroughs in your creative and romantic life. Together, Venus and Jupiter ensure success, love and abundance!



May is calling you home! There’s no other place you'll want to be this month. Since last May, benevolent Jupiter in grounded Taurus has hung out in your house of roots, home and family. For the past 12 months, your priorities and inspirations have been focused on the home front. Take a moment to reflect on the positive shifts you've accomplished; family dynamics and living situations have flourished and healed! You need to have a secure home base where you feel at peace. A stellium of planets will be celebrating with you—throw a party! You’ve got a lot on your side, like the new 14-year cycle last month’s Jupiter-Uranus conjunction ignited in your fourth house. The May 7 New Moon in Taurus will ignite this conjunction, allowing the seeds planted in April to come to fruition. Then Venus and Jupiter—the benefic planets of love and abundance—join together, amplifying their noble qualities. Your home life is overflowing with love, abundance, generosity and caring. Bask in all the goodness you've earned, Aquarius. You've created a solid foundation, internally and externally. Cheers to a beautiful and nurturing home!



Your ruler Jupiter is making moves! On May 25, he transits into Gemini, bringing a significant astrological shift that will affect your house of home, family and foundations. This year-long journey is time to refocus your priorities and inspirations on new goals, dreams and adventures. Meanwhile, your family relationships and living situation can heal and flourish! Jupiter’s abundant energy opens doors to new possibilities. It’s time to think about making that big move, expanding your home or hopping around the world on new adventures. Gemini stimulates, so your home will become a hub of excitement. Just watch out for self-sabotaging behaviors so your private oasis is guarded by boundaries. Think back to June 2023-2024, when Jupiter was last in Gemini. Those insights will help you navigate the upcoming transit with wisdom and self-awareness. Cheers to excitement at home!


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