LA Style Profile: WEDIDIT

This summer, we set out to document LA style now with profiles of some of the city’s most stylish people. In short, LA’s style game has evolved considerably since the heyday of bleached blondes, Botox, and big hair, and there’s now a richness and variety that spans the entire city. 

One group that’s been setting trends on the LA scene for a minute is WEDIDIT, a self-dubbed a "record label and friend organization.” WEDIDIT represents something more though—a larger shift in the way style now operates across mediums. After spending some years "DIY (and very broke),” the collective's DJs and musicians broke through as producers for some of the biggest names in the industry, and their clothing line is a top seller at Opening Ceremony. WEDIDIT has established itself on the LA scene by creating a distinctive aesthetic across music, fashion, and streetwear. We interviewed members Henry Laufer (Shlohmo), Djavan Santos (D33J), and Nick Meledandri (Design/Management) to hear how they do it. 


Henry Laufer, aka Shlohmo (Musician), Djavan Santos, aka D33J (Musician), and Nick Meledandri (Design/Management)
Left to right: Henry Laufer (Shlohmo), Djavan Santos (D33J), and Nick Meledandri 

THE STANDARD: How would you describe your style?
WEDIDIT: Worse. Or, technical loungewear apparel for the professionally unprofessional. We’re very comfy.

Who are your style influences?
James Goldstein, Dennis Rodman, people in Japan who make American clothes, Los Angeles Mexican restaurant menus, Russian kids who make club music, @vanillajellaba. And that’s it.

Is there such a thing as LA style in your experience?
Fake equestrians: stepped off the horse into Blue Bottle.
Prized style item?
For Nick, a Cartier pendant brick that belonged to his grandma or a crew neck sweatshirt from the Spike Lee movie “Clockers.” For Henry, a 12-year-old, blown-out pair of Vans. For Djavan, a Mickey Mouse flannel he’s worn for the last decade.

How does LA inform your style?
Anthesis of the vibe. Utility in an anti-utility landscape.
How does LA inform WEDIDIT's design?
Being on the freeway, driving is the primary mode in LA. A lot of our references for graphic design and logo stuff come from freight trucks, decals, bumper stickers, motorcycle jackets, and all that shit. We like adapting someone else’s terrible design that a real designer would never do. A lot of our stuff is taking the piss of other shit. Funny, but not just a joke.

How has your style evolved over time?
Mossimo via mom > stolen American Apparel > the stuff we always wanted to buy as teenagers via Ebay + clothes designed by friends. Really though, it hasn’t changed that much: T-shirt and pants.
What was a style choice you regretted?
No regrets. Nobody ever wore a deep V, thank God.

How is your style an extension of the music?
It’s one in the same. Everything inherently reflects the attitude and aesthetic of the rest of the music we release. We came up looking at album art to decide whether to purchase a CD at Amoeba. That kind of thinking has always dictated the design for the merch and album covers. Everything has to be just as good as the music.

What’s your process like for deciding what to wear?
Is it clean? Did I wear it yesterday? Is it comfortable? Does it reflect the current weather conditions? What do the words on it say? What mood am I in? If you put too much thought into it, it becomes whack.


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