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A Night at The Last Gas Station

We chat with Vangelis, one of the masterminds behind the Athens-based music site La.Ga.Sta. (a.k.a. Last Gas Station) before he brings the party to Le Bain in NYC on Saturday, November 4th, and to The Rooftop in LA, on Friday, the 12th.
THE STANDARD: Tell us the back story behind your blog Last Gas Station.
VANGELIS: It all started eight years ago as a way to share with our friends all the songs we like. Instead of sending emails with attached files like we used to do, we started making posts with photos we loved and tracks that we wanted our friends to check. Then there were friends of our friends, and more people on the way, so by the end of the first year it started taking the shape of a music site that takes all our attention 24/7.
La.Ga.Sta.'s exclusive mix for Le Bain
How did it become so widely popular to music fans around the world?
When La.Ga.Sta. started, it was the beginning of a new period in dance music, with Aeroplane, La Roux, Tensnake, Fever Ray, all the Australian bands like Empire of the Sun, The Presets, Ladyhawk, Midnight Juggernauts... the LA scene with Classixx, or Holy Ghost! from NY. There was so much great music, and lots of blogs to talk about it. Our driving force has always been passion and love for music. I guess our consistency and love is what kept us going and to gain the trust of people, artists, and labels.

Obviously, you love "looking for new sounds out there,” but you also said you “love driving fast cars.”
Its more an aesthetic reason. One of our favorite movies is Bullitt with Steve McQueen. Also we always liked vintage cars, race cars, the shape of the cars in the old days, especially the American ones, the '80s ads about them, and that's the concept behind our Instagram. Ten years ago in Greece during summer holiday, we found this old sign at the end of a road saying "Last Gas Station." It somehow turned up to be the name of the site, and it matched so well with our love of old cars.
Vangelis (right) and his partner Vaios, the duo behind La.Ga.Sta.

"What's better to describe a Balearic track than the end of the summer?"

Is there such a thing as Greek Balearic? 
Of course there is a Greek Balearic, same way I guess as there is Balearic in any country that produces music. Truth is that Greek music is rich and with a great variety through the years, traditions and areas, and that's what makes it special. Lots of DJs who are visiting are spending hours searching in secondhand record shops for hidden treasures of Greek Balearic music through the decades.

Would it sound like your latest summer compilation?
Certainly there have been lots of Balearic tracks on our compilations, as our aim is to make every compilation sound like the perfect soundtrack of the end of the summer. And what's better to describe a Balearic track than the end of the summer?
La.Ga.Sta Late Summer Compilation Vol. 7
You're bringing the La.Ga.Sta. vibes to NY and LA. What's coming next?
There is a new compilation on the way. The difference with all the previous compilations is that this time it will be released on vinyl through our label and only includes exclusive and dedicated tracks. It is a new project and we are very excited for and proud of it. Also, our first EP as “La.Ga.Sta drivers” is ready with originals and remixes, and it will be out soon! 

On Saturday, November 4th, Le Bain presents La.Ga.Sta.
featuring Vito & Druzi, Josh Cheon & Vangelis 
The Standard, High Line | 10PM
On Sunday, November 12th, The Rooftop presents La.Ga.Sta
featuring Daniel T and Vangelis
The Standard, Downtown LA | 9PM
Header photo by Neil Aline

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