July 4th With A Club Called Rhonda

Last year, A Club Called Rhonda, took over the pool deck at The Standard, Hollywood on The 4th of July and, as you can see from the above photos, the party was epic. This year, they've sworn to blow last year's party out of the water! They're off to a good start, this line up is already legendary:

DERRICK CARTER: The Chicago house legend. Mr. Boompty Boomp himself
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PERSEUS: French Express wunderkind & sensual messenger from the deep
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PLASTIC PLATES: Aussie disco phenom DJ/Producer dedicated to endless summer
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DU TONC: New sunsoaked supergroup from Van She & Mighty Mouse
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W. JEREMY: Fabulous house Technician from New York's House Of Stank
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The home team, GODDOLLARS, PARADISE, MC RUSSINABOX, host GREGORY ALEXANDER, and door girl PHYLLIS NAVIDAD will all be present, too!

Entrance is FREE but space is limited.

RSVP here for guestlist.

Book a room for priority entry, discounted room rates available here.


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