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Occupy the Disco Makes Room for The Future, and Mighty Mouse

We're excited to welcome our first Occupy The Disco. The party features the very mighty Mighty Mouse and San Francisco's rising star Lane 8. Naturally, the boys of Occupy The Disco will showcase the best of disco and house music, the music that, you know, changed the world. And it really did. "It was through music and nightlife that gay people in New York City, for decades, changed concepts, gained supporters, and helped others be happy with who they are all over the world.," their manifesto reads. "Our music re-shaped pop culture, pushed boundaries, united our community, and made room for the future."

They have occupied Le Bain unofficially, but this time they're hosting and it's gonna make room for the future.

Friday August 9, Le Bain presents Occupy The Disco featuring Mighty Mouse and Lane 8. Doors 10pm. The Standard, High Line.

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