Q&A: Jade Jagger's Ibizan Secrets

Jade Jagger is music royalty and a fashion icon in her own right: As she presented her newest line of fine jewelry (Paradisica) at The Standard, Ibiza, Jagger spilled some secrets about her upcoming travels, musical inspirations, fashion icons and where she’s going next.
Your life represents this fabulous intersection of music and fashion: Does music influence the way you design jewelry, and what are some of your favorite artists to “design to?”
Harry Styles' new album said it all for me, the way music, fashion and design all intersect.
If you could cast one fashion icon from another era to wear your new collection, who would you choose and why?
Josephine Baker because of the banana skirt.
What does the word “Paradisica” mean to you?
Inspired by the fauna of the island of Mustique, I used the banana plant — Musa x Paradisiaca as the central motif in my new fine jewelry collection. For me, “paradisica” reflects my continued interest in trying to capture the beauty of the natural world. 
What’s one thing you have to do each time you return to Ibiza?
Swimming at Cala Xuclar.
Which upcoming trip are you most looking forward to?
I’m going to the Azores. It’s my hidden secret.

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