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If You Like mmhmmm, You'll Love Giorgio's

In the immortal words of SNL's city correspondent, Stefon, the hottest club in LA right now is called Giorgio's! This party's got EVERYTHING! I'm not going to go into the everything part because you've got to experience it for yourself, but let me fill you in...

Named after Giorgio Moroder, the godfather of Disco, this modern day disco party created and produced by Bryan Rabin and Adam 12 from the band, She Wants Revenge, has been killing it on Sunset Boulevard for weeks now. I can't believe you still haven't been because everyone else has. My boy Prabal Gurung was there. China Chow doesn't seem to want to leave ever. Olivier Theyskens couldn't believe his eyes. The list goes on.

But don't think you can just walk up and right in. There's always a password, and the challenge for you now is to find that person who will give it to you. It's not going to be me (only because they won't even let me have it!) SECURITYYYYY!


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