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This month, The Box at The Standard, Hollywood returns to innocence. Artist Lani Trock's Instagram inspired installation for The Box and Lobby, Flowers For The Moon, evokes a state of childlike wonder and meditative calm. Lani explains:

"Flowers for the Moon began as an Instagram series, inspired by sunset walks I took with my mom as a child. I first started photographing plant-life at dusk several years ago, responding to an internal inclination to observe, appreciate & document the small scale beauty around me, but over time it developed into a recurring meditation that allowed me to release that day's stress through an immersion in nature. I was new to Instagram, and during this period, I started to fall in love with phone photography and the publishing platform itself.

Lani in her bedroom. Part of her good morning. i love you. Instagram series.

For the installation, I created a replica of my bedroom, and populated the space with tropical, emerald green plants reminiscent of my childhood in Hawai'i. The hanging moon is a hand drum given to me by my dad as a college graduation present. Blue glass vases, full of foraged flowers, sit in the front-right corner of the box. My dear friend Brent Paul Pearson, has kindly lent several pairs of his Future Eyes kaleidoscope glasses to the installation. They are available to check out from the front desk, to view the installation & show from his uniquely magical, multidimensional perspective. When I wear Future Eyes, all self consciousness falls away and I am filled with joy. I am instantly reminded of the interconnectedness of the universe, and quickly fall into rhythm with her flow. Living in a fast-paced metropolis like Los Angeles can leave its inhabitants overwhelmed and exhausted. This project provided an opportunity to create a space to release those intense feelings and return to a state of peace & child-like wonder. This installation is a call to become fully focused on the present moment; to let go and simply exist.

"Flowers For The Moon" by Lani Trock for The Box at The Standard, Hollywood

Flowers For The Moon by Lani Trock for The Box at The Standard, Hollywood

To accompany The Box installation, I invited 21 artists to submit images taken only on their phones, inspired by the Flowers for the Moon series. Their works hang in The Lobby of the hotel, a selection are shown in the slideshow above. I've also asked friend and frequent collaborator, Georgia Tribuiani to create an animated short inspired by the show's theme.

Flowers For The Moon, animated short by Georgia Tribuiani

Everyday, during the month of the installation, I will place a bouquet in a blue glass vase, foraged by either myself or one of the artists from the show, into the front-right corner of the box. Over the past few months, I have started each day by posting an image to Instagram with the caption: good morning, i love you. This series began intuitively, but has also become very important to my daily routine. This practice helps me to begin each day with a peaceful, open & appreciative heart, ready to receive and face the blessings & challenges that day will surely bring. For the duration of the installation, I have photographed either my bouquet or the artist who foraged that day's bouquet, and published the photo as that day's good morning, i love you."

The day's bouquet, part of Lani's good morning. i love you. Instagram series.

Lani Trock's installation for The Box and Lobby at The Standard, Hollywood will be on display through the first week of May. A reception celebrating the installation will be held tonight, Thursday, April 24, 2014.

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