Your December Horoscope: Mercury Goes Direct!

The Standard Spa, Miami Beach’s in-house astrologer, Lori Bell, did you a solid and laid out your month ahead. Thank her in person when you see her around the property and book an appointment to go deeper into your astrological chart (If you're not in Miami, she does readings via phone, too!). This month's biggest takeaways: Mercury goes direct, may kindness and love reign this holiday season.

Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19)

Exhale, Aries; Mercury goes direct on December 6th! It hasn't exactly been the smoothest Mercury retrograde. I hope you didn't throw too many hissy fits during this cycle. If so, apologies go a long way. Get to 'em! On December 7th, a new moon in Sagittarius, a.k.a. planetary BFF, falls into your 9th house of travel, education, and different cultures. Widen your horizons this holiday season. Gift yourself a trip. It's time to buy that long over-due plane ticket, stamp the passport, and fly away... Aries, you thrive on action and adventure; why not end 2018 on a high note? Still, take heed...with ruling Mars in your 12th house of Pisces, you may not be feeling like your usual, ever-ready battery. So please go easy; make sure to carve out some alone and pampering time. By December 31st, you'll be back to your old, energized self. Enjoy this time because once January 1st arrives, outrageous Aries will be unstoppable. Can't wait to troll your Instagram page and envy at your holiday happenings. Enjoy!

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20)

Listen up, Taurus: take my advice and take a break this month as you ease into 2019. On December 6th, Mercury goes direct. Pop open the champagne and celebrate! The planet of communication has been wreaking havoc with your partnerships, both personal and professional. You know what I mean--misconstrued texts, missed phone calls, deleted emails. Are a few people pissed off at you, dear Taurus? Well, you'll be okay now as the new moon in Sagittarius lands in your 8th house of money, sex, and business deals on December 7th. Sagittarius shines a bright, optimistic light on your future goals and aspirations. Go for it, Taurus, not that you need any coaxing. Spend as much time between the sheets; get those business deals rolling, and get ready for money to flow your way. Do take a long-needed respite over the Holiday Season. You'll need it. 2019 is off and running from the get-go. Happy Holidays, Taurus!

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

Get ready, Gemini! The universe is giving you an early Christmas present. Mercury your ruler, guide, and head honcho goes direct on December 6th. With communications back in active motion, expect 100s of likes on your Instagram page. Present number two, the most optimistic new moon occurs the very next day, landing in your zodiacal opposite of Sagittarius. This is great news! Sagittarius balances you Gemini. With her hanging out in your 7th house of partnerships, both romantic and professional, opportunities will be knocking down your door. Seize them all... Per Nike, JUST DO IT! Dream large and see them manifest as the planet of luck is dominating this month too. Don't miss this wonderful time as it only comes around every 12 years. For those partnered, your relationship just gets better; get silly and have fun together. Singles: the dating world is your oyster. Make sure to attend those holiday parties; park yourself under the mistletoe, and kiss the closest hottie. Professionally, it is a serious networking time. Biz lunches, biz planning. Come January 1st, you are off and running. Enjoy the holidays, Gemini. I kind of wish I was you right now.  

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

Time to chill, Cancer. I hope you haven't been too overwhelmed the past two months with all of the retrogrades. You know when you get anxious, you also tend to overeat and get needy... Now you can take a deep breath, dear Cancer, and balance out. Your creativity is in full swing when Mercury goes direct on December 6th. The next day, the most optimistic and inspiring new moon of the year lights up your chart, highlighting work and daily routine. Cancer, you're such a caregiver; this month, please let it be about your own self-care. Get inspired to start a new regimen of wellness, take an aerial yoga class, splurge on fab body products. Or immerse yourself in water—go swimming, spend time soaking in the tub. Though it's holiday season and most people will take off and tune out, you'll be inspired at work—formulating new ideas, future aspirations, dreams, and hopes which nurture your soul. On December 21st, the sun shines brightly in your house of partnerships, both romantic and professional. The holidays give you the perfect opportunity to decompress with your family and loved ones. Enjoy the time. Come 2019; you'll be ready to roll.  

Leo (July 23-Aug 22)

Happy dance, Leo. You love this time of year and it loves you. The past few months have been a tad challenging, no? Mercury is back from retrograde on December 6th; so now everyone will listen to you once again. You need to be heard, seen, and adored, Leo. We are all happy to oblige. On December 7th, the new moon in Sagittarius falls into your natural house of creativity, love affairs, and happiness. Sag, one of the most optimistic, inspiring signs of the zodiac, is your closest ally for life; how lucky! So, in December, you can finally let loose; be naughty and nice, Leo. Plant those seeds for future aspirations, love, creativity. And keep dreaming large as you always do. Have the very best holiday season, Leo, and get ready to roar in 2019!

Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22)

Carpe diem, Virgo! Life begins again on December 6th when Mercury goes direct! I do hope you haven't lost too many friends these past few weeks; it's been a doozy of a retrograde. Everything is shifting now; it's as if you turn a switch and your attitude, mind, and speech all get lighter, happier, and brighter. The very next day, December 7th, the new moon falls into buoyant Sagittarius. It's time to focus on inspiration, hope, and future aspirations. This holiday season hang out at home, invite your love ones over, and become a real-life holiday hallmark card. Can you picture it? Everyone is cozy in PJs, sipping cocoa and sitting by the fireplace. Home is where you will get nurtured this year. Listen, Virgo; you're always trying to fix and heal everyone. This year, let your family or loved ones dote on you. It's your chance to lounge on the sofa and dream of what you want to accomplish in 2019. Rest up, watch Netflix, eat an edible, and do nothing. 2019 will have you off and running soon enough!  So, chillax and enjoy the holidays, Virgo. 

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22)

Let out a sigh, lovely Libra. Mercury in retrograde wasn't your best time; no one played nice. On December 6th, Mercury goes direct into your second house of self-worth, talents, and cash flow. As your self-esteem rebounds, so will your cash flow. The next day, the year's only Sagittarius new moon occurs in the 3rd house, impacting attitude and communications. This lunation, stay positive and watch your mindset. No negativity, Libra. Sagittarius is all about inspiration, optimism, and dreams of the future. Stay in the here and now. Connect with your siblings over the holidays, get involved with your community, go feed the hungry over Christmas. You are the most gracious of all the signs. Please take that calm and collected appearance you so easily project on others and work on it internally. The sun moves into your 4th house on December 21st, an ideal time for visiting your folks, entertaining at home, or hanging out with your bestie and nesting. You need downtime over the holidays. Eat well, drink champagne, fluff up your home, and relax. Cheers, Libra! 

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21)

Hello, Scorpio, you sexy beast. Even when you're not feeling your best, people still find you alluring, magnetic, and strange. You may not have had the easiest few months, but hey, who did? Only you are still holding on to those dark days; please drop them. In December, everything lightens up. Mercury springs your sign into forward motion. No more superficial small talk; it's back to the deep stuff. You are at your finest when being authentic. On December 7th, a new moon in Sagittarius lands in your second house of money, self-esteem, and talents. Add Jupiter to the mix, and you've got luck on your side for the next 12 months. Your economic stability should significantly enhance along with your overall well-being. Over the holidays, you may have tricky issues arise with siblings and communication. Don't go south, Scorpio! Keep it smooth. Make sure your magical powers stay readily available during this holiday season. You are the quintessential healer of the zodiac, and we all need you. Happy holidays, Scorpio; expect to roll into 2019 on a high note.  

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)

Happy Birthday, Sag! For your first birthday gift, I give you Mercury, who is finally moving in a forward direction with all positive vibes. He slips into your sign on December 12th, and, communication will once again flow smoothly. Whew... I hope you haven't inadvertently insulted too many people during its retrograde. The universe gifts you the next surprise when the yearly new moon in Sagittarius lands in your first house. Spotlight on Sag and your joyful, fun-loving spirit--as it should be during your birth month. When the Sun moves into Capricorn on December 21 highlighting money, you can expect to see increased cash flow. We all know budgeting isn't your forte. How's that for universal gifts that keep on giving? But wait; there's more! Your ruler Jupiter is now in Sag; this only happens every 12 years, paving the way for extra luck and inspiration.  So, when you blow out those birthday candles, make the wishes big, lofty, and bold. They can certainly come true this month. As the zodiac's guiding light and eternal optimist, think about spreading the love in return, Sag. We all need more of your live-in-the-moment happiness, especially during the holidays!  Wishing you the best birthday and holiday month. Get ready to rock and roll in 2019, Sag.

Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19)

Oh, serious Capricorn, lighten up. Mercury goes direct again on December 6th and its back to business as normal. At the same time, the yearly, new moon in Sagittarius arrives the very next day, beckoning you to take a break! You crave time alone; it's essential to your sanity and well-being. So, block out your calendar for a timeout, meditate, walk in woods, get lost on a hike. You need to clear your mind and listen for inspiration heading into 2019. Your whirlwind 2018 isn't going to stop in 2019. Be sure to set clear goals and aim high. Get creative in your 2019 planning. The Sun moves into your first house of Capricorn on December 21st, spotlighting you, Cappy.  Enjoy this holiday time and self-reflection time. Then pop open an expensive bottle of champagne and kick-off the new year. You'll be recharged to kick-off 2019 with your signature practicality and hard-working determination. Happy holidays! 

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18)

Connect and tune in, Aquarius! It's been a challenging year to be sure; one more month, and you can kiss 2018 goodbye. Let's end the year on a high note! Mercury is back in action on December 6th. Expect all kinds of social interaction and warm fuzzies. You'll be hearing from long-lost friends, and we know you've got plenty. You collect people and ideas rather than things, Aquarius! On December 7th, the new moon in Sagittarius, along with Jupiter, highlights your 11th house of like-minded thinkers. We're talking progressives, the avant-garde, and socially conscious, kindred spirits who want to change the world. Kumbaya! Aquarius, connect with your tribe, ponder the state of affairs, and get nourished. You will feel understood and aligned. Then, think about paying it forward in 2019. There's so much for you to do and the world need your help. So, enjoy the holidays with your tribe as we'll see you on the other side. Just one question: can I come hang at one of your holiday shin-digs?

Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20)

Prepare yourself, Pisces! Things are about to change in the best ways... Mars and Neptune all join together in Pisces; connecting your spiritual, intuitive self directly to the cosmos. It's as if a white light is shooting out of your crown chakra and communicating right to the universe. How positively luminous! Take advantage of this open conduit to the higher, new age’y world. It's also the time to trust and live from your gut. This can be hard when you cloud it with booze or pot. So, during this holiday season, please go easy and stay clear. Mercury goes direct on December 6th; now your text messages make sense. The very next day, the new moon in Sagittarius highlights your house of career. Jupiter, the planet of luck, inspiration, and expansion, positively aligns in your career sector, bringing new opportunities for success. You're full of good fortune now. Quiet the self-doubt that wants to creep in and play with your mind. To boost your own intuitive connection, reach out to sage friends if you happen to feel down or confused this month. Just keep tapping into faith and trust. And spread your trademark kindness. The world needs your inspiration. Wishing you the happiest holiday season. Cheers to change in 2019, Pisces.  


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