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At Home with H.O.M.

Le Bain: What is the sexiest thing to do in NYC this fall?

Adam Collins: I can't divulge the first sexiest thing, but I can tell you what my second would be. An after-hours stroll with your date through Grand Central Station when no one else is around. You can pretend like you own the place. Look for the building's hidden secrets, or whisper to each other in the echo chamber across from the Oyster Bar. Afterwards, ride the train north to Irvington or Dobbs Ferry for riverside foliage. Exploring new places together is always a sexy win in my book.

Cry Baby: A few weeks ago a few friends and I rented a place in the Catskills. On the night of the new moon, we gathered in the forest for a ritual. The ritual was based on thanking our ancestors and getting rid of things that no longer served us. We thanked the moon for her guidance, and ended with meditation and chanting. It was such an enchanting experience!

Abraham Othwell for House On Mute (live from Le Bain)

​Which work of art really impressed you lately?

Adam: The WK Interact show with KLINIK was on point. His shows are always the complete package: a transformed gallery space, paintings and sculptures that portray the city's constant movement, and a personalized takeaway such as a signed book or original print. If you like documentaries, Lauren and I watched The Source Family and talked about it for days. What an unreal story about a spiritual collective on a life trip.

Read Standard Culture's interview with the Source Family here.

​Abraham Othwell: Kengo Kuma's installation for Sensing Space 2014 at The Royal Academy of Arts. I always love to see works of art that can bend perception. Sometimes we forget how good simplicity is for us to have room for the imagination.

Photo by Neil AlineHouse On Mute by Neil Aline

What recent record makes you put the House On Mute?

Cry Baby: Mine and Adam Collins new release The Bornless Ritual! Out soon on Euphoria Records.

Abraham: Sandman & Riverside feat Jeremy Ellis Into Your Story (Kai Alcé Distinctive Remix)

Adam: NY Drive EP by Tapesh and Kevin Over has been a go-to. It has 100% of vibe that I'm looking for on the Le Bain dance floor - sophisticated and sexy with a touch of grit. Perfect against the NYC skyline. It's the kind of song that will spark some craziness... and those who have witnessed it know what I am talking about.

Friday November 7, Le Bain presents 'House On Mute' featuring Cry Baby, Abraham Othwell and Adam Collins. Doors 10pm. The Standard, High Line.

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