Annie O Presents: EVA and Madge

Get to know two up-and-coming acts EVA and Madge in their interviews with Annie O ahead of their June 8th show with The Annie O Music Series at The Standard, East Village Penthouse.


ANNIE O: Where do you reside these days?
EVA: Brooklyn, NY.

Tell us about working with Solange and Devonte Hynes.
Solange and Dev are incredible musicians to work with. My experience touring with them and learning from them has given me the confidence to write and perform my own music today. 

You are very involved with fashion. How did that come about?
I have loved dressing up for as long as I can remember. When I moved to New York, I started working in the fashion industry with the goal of one day getting into costume design. Everything changed once I started singing professionally. Now I have a lot of fun incorporating fashion into my live performances and videos.
Tell us about your next single, “Touch Me.”
“Touch Me” is a song about satisfying your desires without the help of anyone else. The song is produced by Danny L. Harle, who I have wanted to collaborate with for ages. I have a really fun music video in the works for this song and I can't wait to share it.

What can we expect from your performance at The Annie O Music series at The Standard, East Village?
You can expect a lot of singing, a little dancing, a few new songs, and a great outfit. 


ANNIE O: Where are you based these days?
MADGE: I‘m in Los Angeles! 

Tell us about your upbringing in Utah.
It was quiet and pretty sheltered, although my parents did encourage us to travel and read, so I wasn’t totally in a bubble. Moving out of Utah was a huge shock to my system. It gave me some perspective of just how unique my upbringing was.

What is “Fight or Fight Club” about?
I think a lot of people have read into the lyrics as being about domestic abuse. and while I have experienced some trauma, the meaning is quite a bit more abstract and layered. It’s a taunt toward people who say I can’t do things, myself included. And it’s an exploration of all the damage I do to myself by letting people walk over me. I have a hard time saying no and I hate that about myself.

Is it true that you’re doing your new album all by yourself?
I have one track—my new single, “Alice”—that was truly collaborative. I also feature performances by several artists on a couple tracks, but most everything was and is done by me. The writing, the recording, the producing, the mixing. 
What can we expect from your performance at The Annie O Music series at The Standard, East Village
Oh, it’s going to be fun. I have a few tricks up my sleeve. At least one high kick for sure. 

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