A Tribute to LA Icon and Friend Brendan Cameron

This summer, Standard Culture set out to photograph some of LA’s most stylish people. One name that kept cropping up was Brendan Cameron, the fan-wielding fixture of A Club Called Rhonda's family. Brendan held sway over many nights at The Standard, and after stopping by the OK Store in Silverlake to shoot him for our LA style series, we were deeply saddened to hear of his unexpected passing in August. Gregory Alexander, our Director of Nightlife in LA, one of the founder's of Rhonda, shared this loving tribute to his friend, seen here alongside the portraits we took of him earlier this summer. 
Gregory Alexander, The Standard's Director of Nightlife in LA:
Brendan Cameron Stampley, Brendan, Brenda, Gurta, just B. People knew him by so many aliases while others knew him just by his strong looks and the elegant wave of his fan. Brendan was a staple of nightlife in Los Angeles, somebody you’d hope to see out because you knew his energy and movement would bring life to that environment. Outside of nightlife, he commanded attention everywhere he went, but somehow in the most gentle way. His way of expressing himself was so graceful, gorgeous, and pure. He lived to love, he lived to entertain, he lived to bring others along with him on his mission to make the world a more accepting and beautiful place. He was surprisingly self-aware for his young age, and never faltered in his self-confidence. In some moments, he was a force of nature, a mythical being meant to inspire, and at others he was a soft breeze in warm light comforting you and making you feel welcome. His mark on this world, though short lived, will never be forgotten. I believe he put it best in some of his own words…

“We do what we do for those around us because ultimately we want to live in a more beautiful world painted in our colors.”

“The future has no gender, no wall, no boundary that can't be crossed. At the end of the day, it's not about who's different, it's just about which layer of us is yet to be discovered.”

“There is no gender, there is no orientation, it's just love.”

Rest in peace, B. 


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