Sous Chef

Duties and responsibilities

A banquet chef is responsible for planning, organizing and directing the work of employees in the Banquet kitchen. They develop the banquet menu and then oversee the food preparation for all banquet and catering events and ensure the food produced is of the highest quality. Their typical duties and responsibilities include:


The real key to becoming a banquet chef is to gain experience in the profession. Most types of chefs will start off working in lower level roles hospitality industry. For example, they may start a as a pot washer or food runner. They may then gather experience as a line cook and then a sous chef in a banquet kitchen, where they will learn cooking skills from the chef who manages them.

To be a banquet chef, you don’t need any postsecondary education. You can find a job that provides on-the-job training or complete an apprenticeship that focuses on banquet cheffing. However, many banquet chefs attend community colleges, technical schools, culinary art schools or 4-year colleges to complete programs related to cheffing.

Skills and relevant work experience

As well as a genuine passion for food, banquet chefs will need skills such as:

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