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Turtle Expedition 
There are few more exciting and yet leisurely experiences than floating along side a green sea turtle as it gently dines on sea grasses. Take it slow, and go with the flow on an afternoon turtle expedition. Turtles are easy to locate, love shallow water with lots of marine life, and they don’t mind sharing the water with snorkelers. Five of the world’s seven different sea turtle species call the Maldives home. Discover the beautiful Maldivian aquaculture hidden just beneath the surface from a turtle’s perspective. 

Snorkel Safari 
After a short, 20-minute boat ride, choose a buddy, suit up in snorkeling gear, and jump into the pellucid aquamarine waters of Maldives, swimming with an array of exotic fish and coral. Look carefully and you may well spot some turtles, eels, clams, and even lobster. 

House Reef Snorkel
There’s no easier way to enjoy the ocean than The Standard House Reef. Meet in the lobby, walk to the jetty, and jump into one of the most spectacular underwater worlds imaginable, including 98 types of coral that are home to over 220 species of marine life! 

Starlight Snorkel 
Imagine floating quietly in the sea beneath a sky filled with more stars than you’ve ever seen. The Maldives is one of the most remote locations on earth, making it ideal for stargazing. Roll over and shine your waterproof flashlight on the reef and experience an entirely different community of marine life that are active only at night. Depending on the season, shut off the light and swim amidst the glitter of bioluminescent plankton! 

Hanifaru Manta Snorkel
Swimming with giant mantas is the experience of a lifetime. These giant creatures may seem imposing but they’re extremely gentle and not at all shy. Watch them glide through the water as various fish swim alongside and under them in harmonious symbiosis. If you’re lucky, you may even spot a whale shark, the world's largest fish!

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