Lil' Shark Kids Club

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Lil’ Shark Kids Club

It's always big fun for your little ones at our Lil Sharks Kid's Club. From the energetic to the artsy, we've got endless activities in our playroom, paddling pool, sandy park, and movie den. Come along for the ride and try some arts and crafts, cooking classes, and games, or leave the kids with our babysitters for only $35 an hour.


9AM-12PM and 2PM-7PM 


Paddling pool | Outdoor sandy playpark with slides, climbers, a trampoline and more | Indoor art, movie and play room 


Arts and crafts | Dance and music | Nature excursions | Outdoor games | Storytelling | Cooking classes 


- Kids 4 - 12 years old

- Kids below 4 years must be accompanied by a parent/adult or with a babysitting request.

Babysitting is available for an additional $35 per hour excluding taxes. Bookings must be made one day ahead or a minimum of 12 hours prior. 

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