“Send My Mail to The Standard, East Village”

There’s just something about the idea of writing in a well-appointed hotel room. Perhaps it’s the anonymity that a hotel affords. Or maybe it’s having someone else take care of those pesky, mundane tasks…whatever it may be, we’re thrilled to announce the third installment of our writer-in-residence program in conjunction with The Paris Review at The Standard, East Village.

Our first resident was a fiction writer…then came a poet…and we can’t wait to see who will check-in next. In keeping with years past, applicants will have a book under contract, and the winner will be selected by The Paris Review and Standard Culture. Our resident will have up to three distraction-free weeks to focus on their work-in-progress while basking in the comforts of hotel life — no dishes, no distractions - just a sweeping city view and a nice, quiet room in the center of it all. Sounds like writer’s heaven, no? Oh, and breakfast, coffee, and an evening cocktail are compliments of the house.

Please find full submission details here.

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