Minibars, Corn Syrup Free Since 2014

For 2014 The Standard, Hollywood is easing your way to a healthier you. We threw out the contents of our minibar and replaced them with local organic snacks and beverages. We said no to GMO and took away all the corn syrup we could. Don't worry, the new items are still fun and delicious because, ultimately, what's the point of raiding the minibar if it's not just a little naughty?

Here are a few highlights:

Gummy Cubs: Who needs gummy bears when you've got Gummy Cubs? They're made in right in Los Angeles without corn syrup, dyes, chemicals, toxins, and gelatin. The pink-grapefruit flavor is our favorite!

Chocolate Bar: Because a chocolate emergency is a very real predicament. Featured as one of Oprah's 2013 Favorite Things, Compartes Chocolates, are made in Los Angeles using single-sourced chocolate and (added bonus) their packaging is adorable. Our minibars have two flavors: OLD HOLLYWOOD - Dark chocolate with smoked sea salt and CONEY ISLAND - Milk chocolate with bits of waffle cone. Try 'em both!

Popcorn: Fluffy, salty, organic, and non-GMO 479° brand popcorn is made in San Francisco and is the perfect accompaniment to a in-room movie.

Kale Chips: Quite Cheezy Kale Krunch chips are coated in a “cheesy” blend of cashews, red bell pepper and nutritional yeast. Listen, it sounds weird, they look weird, but they taste amazing. Trust.

Old LA Map: In the ever evolving landscape of Los Angeles, it's nice to know somethings never change. This map of Old LA will guide you through the the city's oldest movie palaces, dive bars, diners and pizza joints. Iconic locales where movie stars, gangsters, writers and barflies wined, dined, romanced, and brawled.

Natural Remedies: Need to decompress but don't want the hangover? Bach's all-natural flower extract Rescue Remedy Pastilles and Sleep Melts are the answer.

Beverages: We've kept the classics, but switched to Hanson's all-natural club soda and tonic water, added a green tea shot, Reed's Ginger Beer, some California brewed Lagunitas IPA and Fentiman's Rose Lemonade (which is extra delicious when mixed with vodka).

We've also got you covered for anything you may have left at home or need in an emergency: Harry's Shave Kits, condoms, travel candles, and chewing gum. All of the essentials, none of the humdrum. Next time you find yourself a guest of The Standard, Hollywood just make sure you raid the minibar - it's good for you!

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