Le Bain

Get Your Freak On! With Soul Clap

On Saturday, October 27th, we'll be celebrating Halloween with Soul Clap under Le Bain's disco ball. Let's get freaky.
Tell us about your earliest memories of Halloween. 
ELI: I always loved dressing up and still do to this day. My mom used to make me amazing costumes. From Silverhawks to Sherlock Holmes. It was pretty nerdy but they looked amazing!
CHARLES: I remember these jerks in my hometown who drove around throwing eggs at people, kids, houses, cars, pretty much anything and everyone. They were called “the eggmobile” and we were all paranoid that we’d get hit! Buncha jerks!
Soul Clap

What really freaks you out?
ELI: Sticking my hand into a bowl of eyeballs.
CHARLES: Brains or worms? Probably was spaghetti.

What gets your freak on?
BOTH: Missy Elliott!

Soul Clap's top 5 boogie monsters?

Star Creature Universal Vibration
Egyptian Lover "The Allezby Inn"
Cameo "She’s Strange"
MC Hammer "Addams Groove"
Nick Monaco "The Stalker"

The House that haunts you?
BOTH: Sax "Don't Turn your Back On Me" (Halloween Mix) and Pee-Wee's Playhouse Theme Song.

Le Bain Halloween Party
feat. Soul Clap All Night
On Saturday, October 27th
10pm | The Standard, High Line

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