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Back-To-Back: Eug & Tim Sweeney

On Friday, September 21st, SF hero Eug (Public Release) shares Le Bain's decks with NYC hero Tim Sweeney (Beats in Space). Here they introduce each other before they play back-to-back.
Welcome to the terrordome. This is Eug—master of industrial design at Apple, creator of the Public Release record label and parties in San Francisco, DJ, pretend basketball player, and someone who is always able to drink more than me.

My selections from Eug's label: 

Mark E's "Sky Horn"
Party starter for that acid trip. 

Earth Boys' "Trail Mix (T & P Remix)"
The acid trip you were waiting for, and it's conveniently a remix from myself and Lauer. 

Anonstop's "Seaside
(Tough Talk Remix Instrumental by Thee Loving Hand)
The come down, with the last Tim Goldsworthy remix out there. I used to work for Tim G at DFA, so always happy to play his work. 
Above photo: Tim Sweeney. Lead photo: Eug. 

Hey, this is Tim Sweeney, my close friend, my drinking partner, and the man behind the WNYU's Tuesday night, much-loved radio show, Beats in Space. I think it’s been running for 19 years now. Here’s to many more! My selections from Tim's label:

Jee Day's "Sum of Love (Lauer Remix)"
Rinsed and repeated many times. Gets everyone setup.

Crystal & S. Koshi's "Break The Dawn"
Piano house to the max. Something’s gonna happen…

Palmbommen II's "Memories of Cindy"
DIY art house and haze. Best listened to all in one go.

On Friday, September 21st, Le Bain presents
Eug (Public Release) & Tim Sweeney (Beats in Space)
The Standard, High Line | 10pm

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