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We catch up with Satchel Lee and Caroline D’Arcy Gorman, the two masterminds behind the queer art magazine "DRØME," before we celebrate New York Fashion Week on Friday, September 7th.

LEBAIN: DRØME is "for those who dare." Can each of you share one thing you dared to do this summer?
CAROLINE: I got my first two tattoos, so that was fun!

SATCHEL: This summer has been a really great period of growth for me. I think I've dared myself to be more vulnerable, open, and honest. 

Last time we chatted, you were working on DRØME Volume III to be released in September. Are you ready for it? 
CAROLINE: Volume III is coming out in October. It's going through final edits right now! You can follow us on Instagram for updates!

SATCHEL: The third issue is something we're really proud of. A lot of hard work has gone into making this truly special. We're so excited to share it with everyone. 

Caroline and Satchel of "DRØME." Photos by Sophie Hur. Styling by Emilie Wilde. Makeup by Slater Stanley.

Satchel, can you tell us about your main inspirations for DRØME?
SATCHEL: I feel like my core inspirations never change. My favorite characters in books, movies, television (and in real life, I guess) are always the people who do whatever they want, no matter what anyone else says, and strive for whatever their truth is in one particular moment. Even if that means they're messy...

In a more broader sense, what has caught your eyes this summer? Any visual coup de foudre?
CAROLINE: I finally saw Gregg Araki's Mysterious Skin a couple weeks ago and absolutely fell in love.
SATCHEL: Randoms Acts of Flyness is great. 

What are you looking forward to seeing and experiencing during NYFW? What makes more sense and excitement to DRØME's ears, eyes, and heart?
CAROLINE: I'm really looking forward to the creative energy. Towards the end of the summer, things start to slow down a bit, but having Fashion Week in early September makes the transition into fall more exciting. Yên, DRØME's fashion editor, will be hitting a lot of shows, including LRS, Chromat, Linder, Priscavera, VFILES, Sandy Liang, LaQuan Smith, Christian Cowan, and other amazing brands. We'll be posting coverage on our Instagram story.

SATCHEL: I'm always more interested in street style than any one show in particular. Personal style is extremely important, and I think NYFW, whether you are going to any shows or not, gives people an excuse to push themselves a little harder than usual.  

On Friday, September 7th, Le Bain presents DRØME
feat. Amber Valentine, Madison LST, Coven King, & Zuri Marley 
The Standard, High Line | 10pm

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