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A Birthday Bash for the Books in Ibiza

A year ago, The Standard landed in Ibiza—and the rest is history. We'll save the most scandalous stories for our memoirs, but we couldn't let the anniversary pass without a blowout birthday bash...

Saturday night, we marked our first year in Isla Blanca with a night of extravagance, music and pure joy across three stories. Guests partied rooftop-lounge style in UP,  taking in panoramic views of Old Town Ibiza. Downstairs, things heated up in Jara and the Green Room.

As the sun went down, the doors of The Standard, Ibiza swung open, revealing a carefully curated wonderland of art, music and culinary delights. Upon entering, guests were greeted by the intoxicating sounds of renowned DJs, who played a mix of house and techno beats that kept the crowd energized throughout the night.

Bradley Zero and System Olympia’s pulsing beats set the tone for an unforgettable night in Jara. Meanwhile, Paul Powell and Friends were going live in The Green Room— getting everybody on their feet under the mirror ball. Guests noshed and sipped a variety of food and drinks, local flavors per usual. 

The night highlighted the very best of The Standard, Ibiza and best of all, our besties turned out. 

Peek inside a night to remember...


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