Holding Court With King Britt

King Britt is a musical legend who has single handedly changed the face of electronic music. He has remixed and produced many diverse artists including Miles Davis, Curtis Mayfield, Radiohead, Alison Moyet, Everything But the Girl and Chic, as well as scoring commercials for notables like for Rolex and L’oreal Paris. This Thursday, October 3rd, King Britt will be DJing a special set in mmhmmm at The Standard, Hollywood and we can't wait. He recently sat down with KCRW's Mathieu Schreyer to discuss vintage vinyl, a perfect Philadelphian day, and his favorite homes away from home. Read more:

Mathieu Schreyer: Hey man how are you? Been a minute, how is everything?

King Britt: Everything is great. As long as I wake up, it will be alright hahaha. I have been blessed to constantly travel and make music and be with the ones I love worldwide. The people closest to me are all great as well, so no complaints.

Tell me, I've been curious, how long have you been DJing for now?

Since 1988. I started in 84 making tapes in school, but not out in public til 88 with Wink and my homie Dozia

Are you still using records when you DJ?

I don't actually.

A few years ago I started playing live more, with drum machines and my electronic set up. Now I have combined the two. I use Ableton which allows me to remix on the fly and create live tunes spontaneously. I also can switch between my 1000 + tunes which I rotate on a regular basis to keep it fresh. So I have the best of both worlds at my fingertips. Nothing pre planned.

I had reservations about it but Francois K convinced me to not give a fuck about what people are going to say. He said the pioneers always get the ridicule first and I have paid my dues and have nothing to prove to anyone. I bring something new and fresh that no one can take away.

I still collect vinyl of course but I just don't carry it.

What was the last record you bought? And where?

Cat in The Hat - Bobby Caldwell (sealed) for $1 in Philly. I try not to spend loads anymore. Its no fun. I look for the stories...the deals.

Online I bought an oldie Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto's Revep.

I have been exploring my long love of electronic experimental music. I have been releasing and playing live loads this past year. I just did a re-score live of The Brother From Another Planet, which we re-contextualized the visuals as well.

You've been traveling a lot the last 15 years, what are you favorite places? Your favorite hotels?

My favorite 3 places:

1.- Tokyo: absolutely the greatest city, people and taste

2.- Lisboa: I would love to live there for a few years. Food, Fashion and Fado!

3.- Koh Samui: Paradise ...

Favorite Hotels

1.- The Standard, Miami: its a little oasis and [General Manager] Ilan Segal is one of the greatest dudes

2.- Hotel Costes Paris: The sexiest hotel I ever had the pleasure of staying. A gem

3.- The Morrison Dublin: Another sexy but practical spot. Geeked over how the keys work.

Do you eat meat?

Hell yes, protein. I try to only eat red meat though once a week. Gotta keep my abs in check.

When was the last time you heard a Spacek song?

Actually last week. I released a remix of Starz on my old label, FiveSixMedia. I was going through the old catalog. Miss those guys. Funny, I'm label mates (Hyperdub) with Morgan!

I have never been to Philly man, describe a perfect day in Philly for you?

WHAT! you serious. We must change that.

A perfect day in Philly is taking a bike ride with my lady to the drive (Kelly Drive)... picnic... no shoes.... and just discussing our next moves. No music either. Just the sounds of the city.

See you soon, man!

Can't wait !!! You have always been a great dude man. A good heart and soul. Be easy.

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