The Standard Guide to Dogs in New York + Miami

Picture this: You land in New York or Miami with your best pal in tow. Your best pal also happens to be your dog, and you travel together, naturally. You catch an Uber to The Standard and check in. You’re shown to your room where you slip into one of our very cozy robes and your dog curls up, oh so comfy, beside you. Ahhhhhh. What could be better?
Well, some of our favorite travel companions have four legs, a tail, and now, more money to throw around, because dogs now stay for free at The Standard. But that doesn’t mean Fido has to stay inside. Picture your pup strutting around the city streets, in the sharpest duds to boot, because we found the best parks, spas, cafes and shops calling you and your pup’s name in New York and Miami. 


Go Fetch Run
A combination of running and circuit training for you and your dog to do together. Check their schedule to catch their workouts in Prospect Park and Windsor Terrance. 

Walk the Riverfront
From Riverside Park to Brooklyn Bridge Park and the Rockaways, get a little puppy exercise with sweeping views of the Hudson and East Rivers.


Little L’s Pet Bakery & Boutique

Little L's is the place to pamper your fur babies with delightful treats and stylish accessories. From gourmet cookies to trendy outfits, they've got it all. Tail wags guaranteed, because every pet deserves a little luxury.

Canine Styles 
New York's self-proclaimed "oldest and finest dog emporium" offers a host of luxe dog products and grooming treatments. 


Pupper Cup
Pupper Cup is a roving ice cream cart with frozen treats for dogs. It pops up all around NYC through the summer, get a scoop and watch your pooch lap it up.



Lummus Park 
Walk in the Art Deco District park with your pup; leashed dogs are allowed. Also, work in a self-guided tour of the Art Deco District’s architecture 

Hobie Island Beach Park
Go swimming with your dog at the only beach in the city that allows dogs. 

The Standard Spa, Miami Beach offers paddleboarding with your pup, and after that you guys can relax from all that activity by the pool, because dogs are allowed there, too.


Coral Castle Museum (1 hour from Miami)
Between the years 1923 and 1951, a man named Edward Leedskalnin secretly carved over 1,000 tons of coral rock, built numerous sculptures completely on his own, and he took the truth about how he did it to the grave. Dogs are welcome, so maybe your friend there can uncover the mystery.   


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