Desert Nights Presents: Adam Naas

Do you Desert Nights? You should. Every month, KCRW's DJ Valida brings new sounds to the Desert Lounge at The Standard, Hollywood, and it's always magical. 

This Wednesday, May 3rd, expect a little more magic than usual. We're going electric with Adam Naas. Hailing from Paris, he's been dubbed by the French media as a "prodigy" and "the best hope for French pop." Casual. You should probably get to know him in our interview before he takes our stage in his first U.S. tour and sweeps the country away. 
Adam Naas 
Wednesday, May 3rd
The Standard, Hollywood
Free with an RSVP

THE STANDARD: Is this your first EP? Can you tell us a bit about your writing process?
ADAM NAAS: Yes, it's my first EP! My first everything, really. At first, I started on my own in my room. I wanted to understand my music, know my way around it. I wanted to understand myself through my music. But then I realized that I was kind of selfish. If music was supposed to be shared, why wouldn't I share my music with people? I guess I was just afraid. But I met two amazing guys to produce my songs with. Raimann and Dan Black. I always had issues working with people but, having someone who understands your music and does not judge you for it is a perfect match. 

The French press has called you “The best hope for French pop” and a “prodigy.” Is that too much pressure, or does it motivate you to go further?
I don't know what to say, really. I know what it means, but I don't really get it. People are really nice to me and I don't really get it. I'm just happy. I'm doing what I love with people who I love. If there is only one person who gets it, gets what I'm trying to say and feels somehow what I feel or felt, then I'm happy. 

I hear that you have a special connection with Etta James. How did her voice and personality influence your music?
I always loved voices, female voices especially. Behind the beauty of the voice, you can feel the power and the struggle. It says a lot about a person. The first time I heard "I'd Rather Go Blind," I knew it was something coming straight from the cosmos. I guess I learned that day that technicality isn't everything, not at all, actually. Everything is about emotion. 

What are you listening to these days? Any specific tracks you would like to share with us?
Maxine Sullivan singing the Scottish ballad "Barbara Allen." This is just pure gold. I just can't stop listening to that song. I also went back to The Cure to lately. I always gotta go back to The Cure, I guess.

It seems like you have toured in many places, but this will be your first time performing in the US. How do you feel about it, and about starting on the West Coast?
Excited more than anything. It's always weird to travel abroad to sing. It's always weird to sing, really. But yes, I'm really super, super excited. 

What are you touring plans for this summer? 
Mmmm, this month is pretty booked. The Great Escape the 19th of May, for instance! So that's interesting. Then this summer we have some gigs in Europe. I guess I'll have more info after this summer. 

What is your favorite tea?
The one my manager makes. It's not really good, but it's important to him, so it's good. 

Where do you live these days, and is Paris your hometown?
I went back to my mum's apartment in Paris. I was born and raised there. But I think I should leave and let her be the woman that she is and not the mum she has to be. 

What can we expect for your performance at The Standard, Hollywood as part of Desert Nights?
Expect the unexpected. 

Last but not least, when can we hope to have you perform in NYC as part of our music series, Standard Sounds?
Give me a time and a place, and I'll be there! 

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