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Art Basel Through The Eyes of Instagram

Different place,same vibeZ... @lilbuckdalegend
Photo by @jr
Click here to watch the video, it's AMAZING.

Valentine Uhovski, Marina Abramović, and O Rei celebrate MAI + T
Photo by @bfa_nyc.

2015 beach towels by Glenn Ligon & James Rosenquist poolside all week! #worksonwhatever
Photo by @artproductionny.

Yvonne Force Rules! #loveher
Photo by @carlossouza1311.

'Literally Bye' by @petrafcollins girl gang featuring @thisismayan @othergirljulia @baronandre
Photo by @thecobrasnake.

@petrafcollins Literally Bye, performance by Alexandra Marzella
Photo by @goshdarnknit.


Photo by @derekblasberg.

Usher and 12,000 pounds of Volcanic Ash, Crystal and Rock Dust objects in a massive hole I excavated in the gallery floor. Right now at 3852 N Miami Avenue
Photo by @danielarsham // Daniel Arsham on Standard Culture

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