Dating Tips from Amanda Lepore

The nightlife legend stopped by The Standard, High Line to drop some pearls (and Swarovski crystals) of wisdom.
THE STANDARD: How has the reception to your book been?
AMANDA LEPORE: It's been a year since my book came out and I haven't heard one bad thing about it. People really like it.
And what can you tell me about your new EP, Lepore?
I finally got new music out and I've been performing all over the world. I just did a tour in the UK and it went really well. People seem to like the new music, so that makes me happy.

Asking for a friend: How do you flirt?
Usually I just make eye contact with just whoever's handsome in the room, usually the tallest one that sticks out. And then I attract attention to myself, maybe laugh or play with my hair. And then I usually expose the neck area because they'll want to kiss it. And usually the ones who are interested will come over.
You live in a hotel. What does that do for your sex life?
I think it makes guys want to have sex right away because you're already in your bedroom. Everything is just there. It's very sexy.

Again, asking for a friend. What’s one dating tip you can share?
I think I usually have the best dates when I have some shots. You both loosen up, you go dancing, it's wilder.
Wink once if the celebrity you mention hooking up with in your book is Kanye West.
Umm...maybe... [Laughs.]
I read you once said you have a sixth sense for big dicks. Is that true?
That is true. Yeah. I just usually meet guys who are well endowed. No one small. [Laughs.] I don't know what it is, if it's the implants or the lips...everything's big, so the one's with the big dicks are attracted to me. I don't know! I don't put an ad out for it. I just have nice, good karma with that.
What are your thoughts on monogamy?
I prefer to be with one guy if I can. It's just so hard these days.
Tell me about it! What do you think of the feminist movement we're currently in?
Even though I'm hyper feminine and have a lot of old fashion features, like red lipstick, blonde hair, and all that, I do it for myself, so there is feminism in it. You can still be feminine and still [be strong]. I certainly think that women should be equal to men in everything and nothing should stand in our way.
What's it like having "the most expensive body on earth"?
It is nice. [Laughs.] You look good naked.

What's one thing that would surprise people about you?
I'm actually down to earth. I do yoga and I have a very healthy lifestyle.
When you're not on as Amanda Lepore, what are you like?
Pretty much the same. Maybe I just walk faster. [Laughs.] Like if I'm going to yoga, I'll have more sensible shoes on. I move really slow like this because the heels are so high and I'm all cinched up.
You laid out your life story in your book, and you've overcome a lot of hardships. Today I feel like you're happy and at peace. How did you get to that place?
I think just doing everything that makes me happy. I created a world of happiness by being around people who are positive and loving.
What's the craziest thing you saw as a club kid back in the day?
There are lots of crazy things. At Limelight there was a lot of abandoned sex. You would see business women giving blow jobs to a bunch of guys, weird things like that. It was usually people who were really conservative looking. It was never the club freaks who were dressed up [doing that]. I guess [the conservative people] had a lot of drinks and went there to escape. 
What's the most hardcore drug you've ever done?
I used to take Rohypnol years ago and I kind of liked it.
[Laughs.] Wouldn't that knock you out!?
I don't know but I always had sex when I was on it. [Laughs.]


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