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8 Simple Ways to Change Your Life Forever

Seasonal Tune Up

Spring is seen as time of growth and renewal and according to Chinese Medicine, it’s the best time to detoxify the body and cleanse the mind. Seek out our property’s Season Spring Detox with Resident Doctor of Chinese Medicine Lori Bell as she shows multiple ways to smooth out your Qi (energy) and encourage detoxification through four acupuncture sessions and more.

Take a Journey to Yourself

Make 2014 the most powerful year to date compliments of The Creative Insight Journey: Reinvent Your Life with Hay House author Jennifer Grace. Starting April 2nd, learn the tools to seek clarity and direction in your life with this 8-week course. In other words, hone in on your gift and live a life filled with passion and purpose.

Make Yoga Your Detox

While juicing and cleansing are synonymous with detoxifying the body, yoga is equally beneficial. On April 18, join Amanda White's H2-OM Spring Detox Flow where she will teach you systematic stretching and compressing for every part of the body, particularly well suited for cleansing the body of toxins and worries.

Try Hypno-Puncture

Nope, that’s not a typo. If you need to detox and recharge, Detox Hypno-Puncture with Lori Bell and Catherine Patrick is the ultimate. Join us for a group acupuncture and hypnosis session on April 3rd where guests will cleanse away negative emotions, release energy blocks and balance their meridians + chakras. The end result? Inner peace. Om-mazing.

Just Breathe

Really. Learn the ancient art of breath work as a technique for detox. Lorraine Meyer paves the way with her two-hour Detox Breathing Meditation workshop on April 6th. Learn the techniques to release toxins from every aspect of your being — allowing you to feel lighter, brighter and renewed.

Energy Healing Hypnosis

On April 10, join Catherine Patrick for her Pranic Healing Cleanse workshops. Think guided visualization, Pranic (energy) healing and hypnosis to release energy blocks.

Detox… Inside Out

Indulge in the Triple Detox, a novel spa treatment promising to banish those energy-zapping toxins… until next time, that is. Kick back in our balmy hamam followed by a 60-minute Detox Cleanse massage partnered with our Blue Detox body treatment. The finishing touch? A detoxifying sea clay mineral soak.

Get in Shape

We want to pump you up. Literally. Sign up for our 30-Day Spring Mind Body Bootcamp as The Standard Spa’s personal trainer Brad Plotkin takes you on a total body transformation. Think sweat, nutrition and life coaching sessions.

To take part in these healthy changes, book or pre-register online, contact the Spa Desk at (305) 704-3945 or email

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