Lost & Found

Lost & Found: 7 Very Odd Things Left at The Standards

And yes, these are all real.

1. A ukelele...

We asked Zoey Deschanel if it belonged to her. She said, "Um, Maybe?"

2. A bull whip...

Not exactly shocking, but it had the most beautifully carved handle. Giddyap!

3. A prosthetic leg

We had the same thought: How did they get home? Turns out it was a spare.

4. A pile of paychecks...

...all made out to the same woman.

5. A trio of female mannequin heads

Two heads, sure. But three?

6. A "Chia Willie"

If you're missing a Willie Nelson Chia Pet and recently stayed at The Standard, East Village, please call (212)475-5700

7. A wallet full of Costco cards...

...with the same photo, but different names. The Jason Bourne of bulk buying clubs? A poorly conceived fake ID ring? We'll never know.

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