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Daddy Issues with Peyton Dix

Daddy Issues with Peyton Dix

Come trauma bond."DADDY ISSUES" is a Father's Day-inspired reading event from the very gay brain of Peyton Dix. The night will include readings from writers Hilton DresdenChris MurphyNoella Williams, Paul McCallion and Amalie MacGowan. There will also be a special "game" for audience members to play to win a (you guessed it!) free drink. 

Tickets include a welcome drink and donation to the Ali Forney Center. Book your seat HERE.


Peyton Dix is a writer, consultant, and co-host of Lemme Say This podcast. She is a Taurus sun and bisexual rising. 

Hilton Dresden is a writer and the host of the new podcast Babbling On. She’s interested in getting sexually adopted by Daniel Craig if anyone has a connect. 

Paul McCallion is a writer, actor, and aspiring New York darling.

Noella Williams is a Brooklyn-based culture writer with words in Marie Claire, Teen Vogue, The Washington Post, POPSUGAR, and more.

Amalie MacGowan is a writer and social media professional in New York City. 

Real-life homosexual Chris Murphy is a staff writer at Vanity Fair, actor, comedian, and not a state senator despite what Google results tell you.