Q&A: Our Valentine & Queen of Lover's Rock, Carroll Thompson

A pre-Valentine's night catch-up with the Queen of Lovers Rock, Carroll Thompson ahead of her live show in Sweeties. This one's for the lovers...

You’re often dubbed as the “Queen of Lovers Rock”, who’s your biggest female inspiration?
My grandmother and mother.

In the last five years there’s been more of an interest in Sound System culture and loads more represses of classic Lovers records, how have you seen the interest in Lovers Rock change over the past five years? 
A lot of younger people and wonderful support from the children of my generation who grew up listening by musical osmosis!

What happens on tour stays on tour.

You were born in Hertfordshire, what was the reaction in Jamaica to your success in the UK chart? 
My JA family were very proud. 

Which song or piece of music do you most wish you wrote?
"So Amazing" by Luther Vandross and "Turn Your Lights Down Low" by Bob Marley. 

Can you tell us any stories about your time as a session singer for the likes of Chaka Khan, Stevie Wonder and the Pet Shop Boys?
What happens on tour stays on tour!! But I learned was to stay focused and raise your game with every performance.

What’s the best Sound System dance you’ve ever been to?
Shaka, Sir Coxsone and Fatman Hifi at Acklam Hall

Which three songs define Lovers Rock for you?
"Six Street" by Louisa Mark, "Silly Games" by Janet Kay and "Hopelessly in Love" by me, Carroll Thompson. 

What song would be the first dance at your wedding to yourself?
"Three Little Birds/Don’t Worry About a Thing" by Bob Marley. 

What are you currently working on?
A reggae jazz album due for release 2024, stay tuned!

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