Your December Horoscopes

From our favorite astrologer Lori Bell, here's what the stars have in store for December...

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Things are about to calm down. When Mercury enters Capricorn on December 1, your mind is going to shift. The first astrological event of the month is a reprieve lasting three weeks. You’re going to feel more calm, grounded and practical. Use this opportunity to approach life in a more cautious and realistic way, with long-term plans in mind. You’ll find yourself reviewing what you can actually do versus what you thought you could.

This energy is thoughtful, mature and intentional. On December 2, Mercury sextiles Saturn, bringing wisdom and insight. Draw on your experiences or seek advice to set boundaries and limits. This moment clarifies the possible versus the fantastical, allowing you to make plans and streamline. Start making your long-range plans for 2024 with this reflective and practical thinking. Saturn presents limitations, but those are opportunities when you work within them.


Beginning December 13, Mercury stations retrograde at 8 degrees of Capricorn. The station is the most problematic time of Mercury retrogrades, which last for about a week. Things are on pause as we hit a snag and need to develop a Plan B on the fly. Take a week to redo rather than initiate something new—and you’ll settle up old business from 2023. On December 23, Mercury retrograde enters Sagittarius, where he is unbound and wild. Mercury is not interested in the details nor the practical pragmatism of Capricorn. Be very mindful of what you say during the holidays. In Sagittarius, Mercury is a loose cannon without a filter. Perhaps keep specific topics off-limits; we have enough division in the world right now. Try to keep it light.


On December 22, Mercury retrograde conjuncts the Sun. That’s like a new moon for Mercury, which gets purified and enters the Sun’s sacred chamber, infused with mystery, magic—and instructions for the next few months. At this moment we can receive insight, wisdom, understanding and information. All the pieces come together. This is the best part of the Mercury retrograde. Use it to sign the documents and make plans. Enjoy this oasis period of the Mercury retrograde and gain some clarity. 


Venus leaves the social sign of Libra and takes us inward as she shifts into Scorpio. You’re going to desire depth, emotional intimacy and intensity. It can cause us to be reflective, private and selective about whom we spend time with. Desiring to socialize in intimate settings with our trusted inner circles. Venus in Scorpio offers awareness about our desires relating to pleasure, relationships and friendships. She reveals truths concerning self-worth and intimacy. She may present some painful realizations, but gives us the courage to work through difficult emotions. There is much to learn if only we can sit with our pain: a greater awareness of our love and worth in relationships. Let's embrace the healing and transformative energy of Venus in Scorpio and be open to deepening our relationships.


The New Moon in Sagittarius is messy, confusing and frustrating. Sagittarius wants freedom and adventure and is not interested in deadlines or limits. It gets constrained by confusing energy as the New Moon squares Neptune, creating misunderstanding, forgetfulness and a tendency to overlook things. We must also manage our disappointments when our dreams don’t manifest. 

The New Moon is unbound and with Mars close to the Sun, this creates unpredictable energy. There may be sudden outbursts of misdirected anger or frustration. We want to start things or go on an adventure, yet we cannot. Jupiter in grounded Taurus rules the New Moon, yet is moving very slowly, stalling everything; stay patient and breathe. This energy lasts for two weeks until the Full Moon: mildly frustrating and busy. But when it arrives, the Full Moon is glorious! 



The Sun enters Capricorn on the Winter Solstice, the marker of time. It’s a sacred time for reflection. Go within and decide where you want to direct your energy, resources and time. What brings meaning to your life? Capricorn energy is wise and you can access it now. It is the most grounded, practical, serious, wisdom-oriented sign. The next four weeks have a thoughtful quality, with a theme of tenacity and perseverance. Capricorn season invites us to slow down, spend time alone and simplify our lives. Capricorn energy gifts us with grounded, down-to-earth practicality and stoic endurance. We are now focused on how to move forward from a place of restraint as we set our sights on long-term goals. It’s time to get real and make your dreams a reality.



The Full Moon in Cancer is just beautiful. She’s at her absolute best in her rulership. Cancer is nurturing, caring and emotional, nourishing our hearts. We yearn to be with those with whom we belong. She’ll direct us to those around whom we feel safe, loved and a sense of belonging. It’s a time of reminiscing and relishing joyous memories while feeling secure and adored. Meanwhile, Jupiter will sextile the Moon—gifting us support, generosity and comfort. It is about the abundance of the spirit. We can feel optimistic for the future. Let's be grateful for that supportive friend, the loving partner, the caring parent or the unconditional love from a beloved pet. The Full Moon ignites our innate kindness, spacious hearts and desire to benefit others.
May this energy propel us into 2024!

Here's what's happening for your Sun sign in December 2023...


 The month starts with Mercury entering pragmatic Capricorn, bringing a calm, practical shift in your mindset. Your focus is on realistic, thoughtful, long-term goals in your career. However, there’s a glitch on December 13 when Mercury retrogrades in your career sector until January 1. Instead of dreading it, take this opportunity to evaluate your ambitions. On December 22, you'll know exactly where to set your sights. Mercury will capture the Sun (the best part of Mercury retrograde) and they join together to reveal wisdom, insight and information. Make those necessary edits before Mercury goes direct at the start of the year. Come January, you'll be unstoppable. A most tender-hearted Full Moon in Cancer arrives on December 26, illuminating your house of home and family. It’s a sentimental time, best spent with your closest loved ones and a heart full of gratitude. It brings an abundance of love, kindness and security of spirit. Cheers to clarity and kindness! 



December starts with the planet of love (and your cosmic ruler) Venus entering Scorpio on December 4. You may be chill, attracting what is alluring and powerful to your partnerships. In Scorpio, Venus craves deep intimacy and emotional depth. Use that new awareness (and urge to merge) in your intimate relationships, even where painful realizations arise. You will find the courage to work through difficult emotions and uncomfortable conversations, using the healing energy Venus offers. Mercury retrograde on December 13 (in pragmatic Capricorn) offers new perspectives, wisdom and realism. Your nine houses of beliefs, wisdom and spirituality are under review. On December 23, Mercury retrograde cazimis the Sun—infusing Mercury with the Sun's wisdom, illuminating insight, knowledge and understanding. Taurus, what an excellent way to end 2023! Cheers to love and wisdom.  



Gemini, personal and professional relationships take center stage in the first three weeks of December. The month starts with a shift in your mindset, which is slower, calmer and practical, as Mercury enters Capricorn on December 1. This is an opportunity to get your finances sorted and clarify what’s possible and what’s not. A New Moon in Sagittarius arrives on December 12, igniting your house of relationships. Sagittarius is optimistic, adventurous, expansive – uninterested in details. It gets constrained as the New Moon squares Neptune, creating misunderstanding, forgetfulness and a tendency to overlook. What are you missing in your partnerships, Gemini? The New Moon represents new beginnings, so determine what you desire in your relationships. Your ruler, Mercury, turns retrograde in Capricorn the next day and backpedals into Sagittarius on December 23. Mercury, in Sagittarius, has no filter and says whatever’s on its mind. Be mindful of what you say—perhaps listen more, talk less? Cheers to love!




December is your month to tend to your relationships. The month starts as Mercury enters Capricorn for three weeks. Your mindset shifts to one that is calm, focused and grounded. Communication in your partnerships—both personal and professional—takes precedence. Mercury turns retrograde on December 12, creating some issues. The upside is that you can address them pragmatically, maturely and non-emotionally. Mercury joins the Sun on December 22, forming a cazimi, where he receives the Sun’s wisdom. It is an oasis period of the Mercury retrograde as you gain knowledge and insight. This retrograde cycle allows you to tend to misunderstandings with grace, so embrace it. The Sun enters Capricorn on December 22, radiating its light into your house of relationships. A Full Moon in Cancer arrives on December 27, channeling her best qualities through you. Open your heart and let your innate kindness shine forth. Cheers to love and kindness! 




The month begins as Venus enters Scorpio, bringing harmony to your fourth house of home and family. Scorpio is private and desires deep emotional connection. You prefer to socialize with your trusted inner circles in intimate settings. This is a reflective time, offering insight into hidden motivations with loved ones, even if the realizations are painful. You’ll find the courage to work through difficult emotions. Listen up, Leo: You'll have to drop your drama to embrace the healing energy Venus in Scorpio provides. Open your mind. Meanwhile, your personal planets light up in Sagittarius, igniting your house of creativity, romance and fun! A New Moon in Sagittarius arrives on December 12, activating your self-expression and initiating a fresh start. Neptune brings confusion as it squares the New Moon. The energy may feel stalled, but keep at it. Your essence is creativity. Cheers to family harmony and creativity!




December kicks off as Mercury enters grounded Capricorn. Take this welcome reprieve as your mindset shifts toward calm, centered, realistic thinking. The problematic Mercury retrograde arrives just in time for the holiday season on December 13. Mercury is your ruler, so these pesky retrogrades affect you the most. He creates havoc in your fifth house of self-expression, creativity and romance, leading creative projects or romances to falter. On December 22, Mercury will cazimi the Sun, receiving its wisdom. Be open to the clarity and insights Mercury bestows. Reignite your passion projects, make the necessary edits and come January, you are ready to propel forward. When Mercury backs into Sagittarius, expect rambunctious conversations and mishaps at home—bordering on comical. Stay fluid, have a Plan B and remember to breathe. The year ends with a glorious Full Moon in Cancer on December 27. Connect with loved ones and friends with whom you feel loved, nurtured and secure. The full Moon is one of hope, kindness and love. As you enter 2024, bring forth this compassionate, loving and optimistic energy! 




Money on your mind, Libra? When your ruler Venus moves into Scorpio on December 4, she’ll manage your finances with laser focus. Use this energy to determine what’s really worth your time, money and effort—and whether your compensation really reflects your value. Be strategic and you’ll see what’s what. When Mercury in Capricorn turns retrograde on December 13, he causes mishaps and misunderstandings in your home life. On December 23, Mercury cazimis the Sun, getting an infusion of wisdom. He bestows a clear-minded perception to move forward and address the issues at home, perfect for Capricorn season. You’re responsible for creating a beautiful, stable, nurturing home environment. December’s Full Moon in Cancer enlivens your 10th house of ambition. Let this powerful lunation inspire steps into your power, career-wise and beyond. Bring your dreams, aspirations, as you walk into 2024, make them a reality. 





Time to step out and be seen. You don’t like the limelight—preferring to be mysterious privacy. Your alluring magnetism will draw people to you as Venus enters your sign on December 4. Embrace it, own it and allow it to enhance your strength and ability to attract deep, soulful connections. Mercury goes retrograde on December 13. Be highly diligent in all communications, as he creates havoc. Misunderstanding, misread texts, travel delays and all the mishaps that occur during a retrograde can transpire. Be patient, pause before you send that text and triple-check everything. On December 22, Mercury will cazimi the Sun. He gets infused with the wisdom of the Sun, imparting insight and clarity. You can confidently express yourself with a clear-minded precision. The year ends with the most glorious Full Moon in Cancer on December 27. This lunation brings forth all the exquisite qualities of Cancer: nurturing, supportive, wise and loving. Allow your spacious heart to expand outward. Be with those to whom you belong.  




You're in your element, embracing that adventurous spirit. It’s Sagittarius season until December 22, with the Sun and Mars activating your first house. You feel renewed optimism and enthusiasm—a heightened desire for freedom and independence, with zero tolerance for restrictions. But not so fast…The cosmos is reining you in a bit. The Sun and Mars in Sagittarius will square Neptune in your house of home and family. You'll have to face reality and navigate disappointments as you attend to your home life. Your annual New Moon in Sagittarius arrives on December 12. It is not the usual buoyant Sag moon; some confusion and constraints exist. The New Moon squares Neptune, creating misunderstanding and forgetfulness. Sag, you may feel frustrated as you want to start expanding yet can not. As everything feels stalled, stay patient and breathe. The year ends with renewed hope and optimism. As Jupiter, your ruler, turns direct, along with the most tender Full Moon in Cancer, on December 26. Feelings of hope, connectedness and loving-kindness are pervasive.




You’ve flown under the radar, but prepare to reappear when Capricorn Season starts December 22. December starts with Mercury entering Capricorn—and cheers to that! You can accomplish major things in a calm, practical, realistic mindset. Focus on long-term planning for 2024, setting those goals you love to set. Don’t let Mercury retrograde (starting December 13) trip you up…stay stoic, perservere. Your season arrives on December 22, as the Sun enters Capricorn on the Winter Solstice. This is a sacred time for reflection. Go within to determine where you want to direct your energy, resources and time. Share your wisdom! The most tender-hearted Full Moon in Cancer arrives on December 26, illuminating your seven houses of committed relationships. Partnered or not, be with those you hold dear. Let’s open our hearts and shower each other with loving kindness. As you enter 2024, bring forth your spacious, wise heart. 



You're the visionary of the zodiac, and December is your month to plant seeds for 2024. Venus enters Scorpio on December 4, claiming her throne in your career and public image. Venus in Scorpio is magnetizing, attracting professional opportunities, collaborators and those you wish to bring into your sphere. She's strategic and shrewd, with a laser-like focus. Let Venus in Scorpio work her magic once you set your sights on a goal. See what manifests in 2024! Mars and the Sun have activated your house of friends, networks and future aspirations. You prefer being in crowds, socializing and connecting with those with similar values and visions for the world. Aquarius, you are altruistic; this is what truly motivates you. The New Moon in Sagittarius arrives on December 13, infusing you with inspiration and exciting new beginnings. However, there are a few glitches; this lunation is confusing and frustrating. It squares Neptune, creating misunderstanding and delays. You may have to deal with disappointments as projects or collaborations have yet to materialize. Hold on to your dreams. Cheers to them coming true in 2024! 



Your houses of career and ambitions are awakened with The Sun and Mars in Sagittarius. The New Moon in Sag arrives on December 13, initiating new professional beginnings. Pisces, it’s up to you to decide what’s achievable versus what’s desirable. This focus gets a little confused when the New Moon squares Neptune, creating misunderstanding—so don’t be discouraged by disappointment and failed plans. Keep your attention on the year ahead. Venus in Scorpio dives deep into your house of expansion, wisdom and spirituality: That’s where you’ll find the answers. (Don’t forget, you’re the most intuitive and spiritually aligned sign of the zodiac.) December ends with a beautiful Full Moon in Cancer on December 26, illuminating your house of creativity and romance. It brings out the best in all of us, our innate loving-kindness. Spend it with those who support and nurture you. Your kindness is boundless; share it widely, Pisces. 


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