Our Chaotic Review of the Oscars

The envelope, please?
Compared to recent years of drama and fireworks at The Academy Awards, this year's Oscar ceremony went off (mostly) without a hitch. Stars on their best behavior toasted OppenheimerPoor ThingsThe Zone of Interest and more of the year's best movies. Between Emma Stone's broken zipper, Ryan Gosling's "I'm Just Ken" performance and Carey Mulligan's jaw-dropping Balenciaga number, the show gave us plenty to talk about at The Standard. Here's our Chaotic Review of the show (and keep reading for our Best Dressed selections)...
“The Kenergy was piping hot.”

Sam P.

Marketing, Standard HQ


“This Oscars felt elevated and classy in overall looks, presentations, and decorum. I felt like I could sit back and relax. Also, would be remiss not to mention this was the most exciting and most moving in memoriam performance I’ve ever seen. Exquisite choreo, musicians, vocalists. RIP Chita, darling!”

Paige S.

Operations, Standard HQ


“Overall, great show. Ryan Gosling was the best performance by far, Jimmy Kimmel was great, Emma Stone's win was surprising, Al Pacino and Jessica Lange were def doing shots in the back together. Everyone seemed happy for each other, all around good vibes. It was fresh, energetic and funny.”

Clare K.

Design, Standard HQ

“IN: Ceasefire pins, Bradley Cooper's fun colored suit buttonspowerful prayers for the seamstress that sewed that Louis Vuitton zipper, Hunger Games tribute announcements, The Boy and The Heron. OUT: Prosthetic noses, listing all the nominees, John Cena's neverending humiliation rituals, $180,000 gift bags, HELLO are writers being paid enough or no? These people are rich.” 

Jenny W.

F&B, Standard HQ

"I'd like to thank the Academy!"...type of year...again.

Chelsea S.

Business Development, Standard HQ


“Overall, kind of boring and predictable. Poor Jimmy, jokes just weren't landing. Set looked good. Great in memoriam. Dolby Theatre needs new carpet.”

Tom R.L.

Operations, Standard HQ


Ken should've have been the Super Bowl's halftime performer.”

Eli F.

Art, Standard HQ


“Is it me or does Cillian Murphy's hair style at the Oscars giving Justin Bieber 2009? Immediately started crying at Da'Vine Joy Randolph's intro about her grandmother's glasses and her acceptance speech. I want to want to thank my publicist!!! I was surprised at how much I enjoyed Jimmy Kimmel's dad jokes. My favorite part of the Kenergy performance was Scott Evan's kiss on Ryan Gosling's cheek. Shout-out to Chris Evan's baby brother Scott Evans! Robert De Niro's girlfriend was giving mob wife.”

Julz O.

Marketing, Standard HQ

“John Cena came out naked.”

Michael C.

F&B, The Standard, High Line

And finally, our awards for Best Dressed of the night. Drumroll...

Gold: Carey Mulligan in Balenciaga
Silver: Zendaya in Armani Privé
Bronze: Emma Stone in Louis Vuitton

The honorable mentions...

Billie Eilish, Ryan Gosling, Anya Taylor-Joy, Cynthia Erivo, America Ferrera, Sandra Hüller, Simu Liu, and—perplexingly—John Cena. 


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