Your April Horoscopes

From our favorite astrologer Lori Bell, here's what the stars have in store in April...

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Powerful astrological transits are on their way in April! Once Mercury goes retrograde, the upcoming eclipse and the Jupiter-Uranus aspect will change the game. As usual, the retrograde brings slowdowns and delays—especially on April 1 and 25. This is a “yellow light” from the universe, alerting you to move forward with caution. If you don’t let this time paralyze you, you’ll find what you need to embrace change.

Mercury cozies up to the North Node in Aries on April 25, compounding those retrograde issues. But once Mercury stations direct around the North Node, hit the gas. You have your green light from the universe! Delays will be released and the pipeline of tasks might feel dizzying.

We all know Mercury retrogrades create practical issues. But use this time to slow down and reflect, to catch up on tasks and tap into your inner vision. Aries is a fire sign—all about big, bold, aspirational ideas that light you up. Pause, think and ensure those bold ideas align with your larger goals and dreams. Keep your impulses in check before you leap into action.


One of 2024’s most important astrological events comes April 8: a total solar eclipse. Its path of totality will traverse a large swath of the eastern U.S. Eclipses are powerful harbingers of change and transformation and solar eclipses are associated with new beginnings, shifting circumstances and a recalibration of personal (and collective) priorities.

Aries brings so much to the table: leadership, courage, a pioneering spirit and more noble aspects. Energetically, he brings action, passion, enthusiasm and a desire for new beginnings. But there’s also a confrontational, conflict-ready aspect to be channeled wisely. The North Node's influence amplifies these qualities, adding intensity and a sense of destiny to the events and emotions surrounding this time.

There’s a fine line between starting new projects and all-out upheavals. Aries will push us to embrace change. This eclipse is ruled by Mars in Pisces, who will conjunct Saturn. This influence should inspire some careful planning and discipline to pursue your goals, whatever obstacles appear in the way. Balancing enthusiasm with a realistic understanding of the challenges ahead is crucial.

Eclipse seasons often realign us with our authentic purpose. Stay open to opportunities for positive transformation and have faith in your resilience to handle any challenges that arise. By remaining centered, flexible and self-aware, you can navigate this powerful time gracefully and emerge stronger and more aligned with your truth. Embrace the journey ahead with courage and an open heart.


What really matters to you? The Mars-Saturn conjunction in Pisces will shed light on commitments and limitations. It's time to consider our promises, whether they're personal, professional or even legal. Reassess commitments that don’t align with your core values and future dreams. The Pisces vibe makes us all reflective and deep, so take your time and don't rush into anything binding.

Set your boundaries carefully to avoid overextending yourself. You’ll save yourself the trouble of feeling overwhelmed, drained and resentful down the road.

Instead, focus on what's truly essential for your security and happiness. That might mean making tough calls and letting go of commitments or relationships that no longer serve you.
You can navigate this time with more clarity, resilience and overall satisfaction by being intentional, discerning and realistic.


Time to slow down! Reconnect with enjoyment, comfort and connection. Taurus season is about embracing a slower pace and enjoying the simple things that make us happy. It invites us to reconnect with what grounds, calms and comforts us. The Sun in Taurus is co-present with Jupiter and Uranus, making it a very exciting season.

Ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, Taurus is an earth sign big on comfort, indulgence and sensory delights. During this time, it's essential to slow down, chill out and tune into what feels good. Taurus season is about engaging your senses and finding pleasure in the moment, fully immersing yourself in the present.

It's a great time to reconnect with nature. Spending time outdoors and surrounding yourself with natural beauty helps you feel grounded, centered and at peace. Taurus's earthy energy encourages a deeper appreciation for the world around us. This season reminds us to appreciate the simple joys in life—like creating a comfortable, beautiful space for yourself and finding contentment in the present moment. So take a deep breath, indulge in what makes you happy and enjoy this earthy season's laid-back, sensual vibes.


The conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus, occurring approximately every 14 years, is one of the most exciting aspects of 2024. This event combines Jupiter’s expansive energy with Uranus’ disruptive, change-seeking force. This union amplifies their potential, leading to a powerful influence that can manifest on both personal and collective levels.

Jupiter, known as the "greater benefic," is associated with abundance and growth. However, its amplifying effect on Uranus' unpredictable energy can also lead to excess, instability, or an uncomfortable degree of change. This conjunction challenges us to break free from limitations and embrace a more liberated way of being, which may push some outside of their comfort zones.

On a global scale, this transit could catalyze events and movements focused on freedom, rebellion against the status quo—even radical societal change. For individuals, it encourages stepping outside of familiar patterns, exploring untapped potential and opening oneself to new possibilities. Approach the changes and disruptions with optimism, positive intentions and the spirit of openness and adventure. Resisting this conjunction's transformative power may lead to more significant challenges, while embracing it allows exciting new horizons to emerge.

Let's aim to harness this energy consciously for positive breakthroughs and personal growth. We can align ourselves with the cosmic invitation to evolve and thrive by embracing—rather than resisting—this transformational influence.


The full moon in Scorpio is a time of emotional healing. Our past wounds, hidden emotions and unresolved issues come to the forefront and are illuminated. The intensity may feel uncomfortable, but it’s essential for our growth. Mars, the planet that rules this full moon, is closely aligned with Neptune, the planet of illusion and intuition.

This creates a profoundly emotional and watery energy, heightening our sensitivity and potentially causing confusion. Scorpio—a fixed water sign—is known for its intensity and reluctance to let go. While our emotions may make us feel stuck or overwhelmed, this is an opportunity to release the toxic patterns and emotional baggage that no longer serve us. The influence of Mars and Neptune may also slow our pace and cause us to feel overwhelmed. Therefore, self-care, compassion and understanding for ourselves and others is essential. Stay in, lie low and tend to your well-being to make the most of this full moon.

Here's what's happening for your Sun sign in April 2024...


Get ready for one of 2024’s most game-changing months. The headliner is the total solar eclipse in your sign, happening April 8. These always shake things up and bring new beginnings, but this one is on another level, realigning you with your true self. Because it's a North Node eclipse, its impact is even stronger—making everything feel more intense and fated. The North Node only swings by your sign every 18.5 years and hangs out there for 18 months, pushing you to step outside your comfort zone. As an Aries, you're all about challenges and change, so dive into this powerful portal and it will recalibrate your priorities. The tricky bit is that Mars, your ruling planet, is in Pisces during this eclipse. Mars will conjunct Saturn, leading to roadblocks, slowdowns or a need to plan carefully. Balance your innate enthusiasm with a realistic take on the challenges ahead. Also, Mercury is doing its retrograde thing, which might be a good thing? Instead of diving in headfirst, get clear on what concrete steps you need to take. Sit tight and trust in your ability to handle whatever comes your way. Whatever you want is within your grasp; it's up to you to decide if you will make it happen. Embrace the change with your courageous heart!



Happy Birthday, Taurus! The universe has an incredible gift for you that hasn't happened since 1941—a Jupiter and Uranus conjunction in Taurus. Uranus, the planet of revolutionary change, has been in your sign since 2018, slowly but surely reshaping your world. In April, these changes will burst forth, propelling you toward a new and exciting future. Change can be daunting, but remember the cosmos are on your side, breaking you out of complacency. Jupiter, the planet of abundance, luck and expansion, has been in your sign since May 2023. On April 20, Jupiter and Uranus will unite in a remarkable conjunction, marking the beginning of a new era in your life. This cosmic event will awaken you, so embrace the unknown, take risks and believe in yourself. Taurus, growth can come through letting go. Allow these changes to flow through your career, relationships and personal life. Trust in the wisdom of the cosmos to guide you toward a future beyond your wildest dreams. Seize this rare opportunity and let the transformative energy propel you forward. Happy Birthday and may this year be filled with incredible growth, abundance and joy!



While your ruler Mercury is in retrograde (in the bold sign of Aries) it’s time to step back and reevaluate your beliefs. Be open to fresh perspectives and daring ideas that come your way, as they might spark a fire within you! On April 8, a total solar eclipse in Aries will shake things up and bring about major changes. Think of it like a new moon on steroids, paving the way for your true purpose. This will seriously boost your social life and big dreams, leading to some exciting new beginnings. However, Mars and Saturn cojoin in Pisces, which might throw a few obstacles your way. During this time, be aware of synchronicities with people you connect with. On April 10, Mars and Saturn in Pisces will hook up in your career house, raising questions about your commitments and limitations. Have you taken on too much or overcommitted? The Pisces energy prompts you to take a breather and reassess what matters to you. Be honest with yourself and respect your boundaries. Only take on what you can handle and give the rest a polite, "no thanks."




April is a defining month for your career. The month begins with Mercury retrograde in fiery Aries, your 10th house of career. Mercury retrograde prompts you to reexamine your beliefs, actions and desires. What do you need to let go of that holds you back? By being self-aware and intentional, you can turn the challenges of Mercury's retrograde into opportunities for growth. The total solar eclipse in bold Aries arrives on April 8, igniting that house even more. Solar eclipses herald change, offering exciting possibilities yet remaining unpredictable. The eclipse in Aries emphasizes individuality, action and leadership. Aries brings courage, a pioneering spirit and the ability to confront problems head-on. However, eclipses can be disruptive and this one is no exception. It’s essential to harness the visionary energy and enthusiasm for new beginnings while remaining mindful of potential disruption and upheaval. Mars in Pisces—the ruler of the eclipse—will meet up with Saturn, creating delays, obstacles, or frustrations. Be patient. Embrace the opportunity for growth and change, approach it strategically and be ready to adapt and persevere. Stay courageous and enthusiastic and lean into your power, Cancer!



April is a game-changer with epic cosmic events on the horizon. The solar eclipse in Aries on April 8 will activate wisdom, spirituality, travel and higher learning. Take a step back, reevaluate your life path and embrace new perspectives. Discover what inspires you and bring meaning to your life—this time of rejuvenation could point you toward your purpose. Aries is an adventurous and enthusiastic sign, so this is a great time to try new experiences. Eclipses are unpredictable and can take you out of your comfort zone. Take the road less traveled! Mercury retrograde in Aries gives you even more motivation to rethink. On April 22, there will be a rare cosmic occurrence—the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction—which only happens once every 14 years. This conjunction will amplify Jupiter's growth-oriented energy and Uranus's rebellion-and-upheaval energy, making it an excellent opportunity for catalytic breakthroughs and exciting changes. Leo, it’s time to unlock your potential and explore new possibilities in your professional life. Embrace change and step into the unknown. Whether diving deep into spiritual growth, chasing inspired visions, or taking quantum leaps in your professional life, staying true to yourself and being aligned with your higher purpose is essential. 



Since May 2018, Uranus (the great awakener) has been dwelling in your 9th house of spirituality, wisdom and travel. He’s slowly reshaped this area of your life, breaking up outworn beliefs and propelling you to broaden your horizons. You've been on a private vision quest for nearly six years! Jupiter, the planet of expansion, joined the 9th house soiree last May. For you, the most important cosmic event in 2024 is the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus. This rare conjunction only occurs every 14 years and the last time they were in Taurus was in 1941. Jupiter's optimism and growth combined with Uranus's idealism and innovation, amplify their unified potency. It’s an exciting time of radical change, where sudden opportunities could radically alter the direction of your life for the better. A trip abroad might change your destiny, you might meet your spiritual guru, or go back to college. These exciting breakthroughs all occur in the 9th house, where you find meaning and what brings you a sense of purpose. So, it is essential to take a risk! Do something novel, something that you've never experienced before. Approach these changes and disruptions with optimism, positive intentions and a spirit of openness and adventure. May you have the courage to be yourself…and be inspired to take risks and do something you never thought possible.




Ready or not, April brings transformations—especially in your relationships. With the lunar eclipse in your sign since March 24 and another on the horizon, expect the unexpected as the season continues. Eclipses act as karmic gates, revealing what you need to release and guiding you toward profound change. They’re like the tumultuous effects of a hurricane. On April 8, a solar eclipse in Aries will ignite your 7th house of personal and business partnerships. Solar eclipses are harbingers of change and with Aries' influence, your individuality, courage, passion and enthusiasm will be at the forefront. The North Node's presence near the new moon amplifies this energy, adding a layer of intensity and a sense of destiny. Be decisive in your relationships, take risks and remain open to exciting new relationship opportunities. This might bring a new partner, or an infusion of passion to your current relationship. Navigate this carefully, as Mercury retrograde in Aries may lead to miscommunications. Additionally, Mars joins Saturn in Pisces—creating obstacles and delays that may feel like you're driving into a brick wall. In May, the energy will begin to shift, providing clarity. Embrace the passion and enthusiasm of the Aries solar eclipse, but temper it with caution and self-awareness. Trust that any challenges or disruptions will ultimately lead you to your highest path! 



Gear up for some magic and excitement in your personal and business partnerships. The conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus is the year’s most exhilarating cosmic event—a remarkable alignment that occurs every 14 years. This transit fills the spring with exciting, optimistic energy. Jupiter, the planet of luck and growth, amplifies Uranus’ rebellious and innovative streak. Uranus has been dwelling in your 7th house of partnerships since 2018, creating a little havoc as your desire for freedom and self-expression take over. The tension between Jupiter’s optimism and Uranus’ individualism can bring exciting new relationships. You’ll feel challenged to break free from limitations and step outside your comfort zone. Embrace it! Take the leap of faith on new possibilities, invitations and opportunities. The real breakthrough comes when you realize that by keeping an open mind and heart, you can become your best self. Embrace the transformative power of this cosmic event and allow it to guide you towards personal growth and fulfillment in your partnerships and beyond.




Your house of self-expression, creation and romance is on fire under the April 8 solar eclipse. These are always harbingers of change and transformation—unpredictable and disruptive but keen to shake you from your complacency. This cosmic event poses profound questions: What brings you joy? What lights up your creativity? You’ll feel a jolt of enthusiasm, passion and an insatiable need for new beginnings, amplified by the North Node’s close alignment. Sagittarius, dive into the courageous, inspiring and bold Aries vibe! Enthusiastically start new projects and embrace change. Those changes might pose challenges: Mars in Pisces and Mercury in retrograde will conspire to create delays and obstacles in your path. This is why a strategic mindset will serve you well as you adapt and persevere amid setbacks. Sag, your eternal optimism is your greatest strength during times of transition. Trust in your ability to navigate these shifts with grace and resilience. Remember, change is the only constant in life and this eclipse is a powerful reminder to embrace the journey with open arms. Stay true to your adventurous spirit, Sagittarius and let this cosmic event be a catalyst for personal growth and transformation.




The word of the month is “possibilities.” April brings amazing cosmic events and major shifts. First up, a solar eclipse in Aries lights up your home, roots and foundation on April 8. This eclipse signifies new beginnings and chances for breakthroughs. The Aries influence brings courage, enthusiasm and a strong desire for transformation. Pay close attention to the events around this time, as they may indicate fate or destiny. Unpredictable eclipse energy will push you out of your comfort zone, so stay open and trust the bursts of truth that arise. This is a good time to reflect on your living situation and consider whether your current environment fosters personal growth. Do you feel the urge to explore new places? To add to the excitement, Mercury will be retrograde in Aries, providing an opportunity to reflect and recalibrate your life direction. On April 22, Jupiter and Uranus will be in conjunction in Taurus. Jupiter's expansive energy and Uranus' innovation create an opportunity for exciting breakthroughs in your creative and romantic life. Take a risk, leave your comfort zone and be ready for surprising opportunities!



First, a little background: Uranus has been hanging out in your 4th house since 2018, stirring up chaos and emphasizing your desire for freedom. Jupiter joined the party last May, setting the stage for 2024’s most exciting cosmic event. On April 20, those two planets conjoin in Taurus, setting off some magic and excitement in your home life. This incredible alignment only happens about every 14 years, but you will feel its effect all spring. Jupiter, the planet of luck and growth, amplifies Uranus's rebellious and innovative influence. Jupiter is all about optimism, while Uranus is the ultimate individualist. When they come together, you can expect exciting breakthroughs in your family dynamics and unexpected epiphanies about your home life. It's challenging you to break free from your limitations and step outside your comfort zone. So, what's your dream living situation? Embrace this transformative influence and take a leap of faith. Welcome the changes and disruptions with open arms and positive intentions. They will thrill you! Embrace the transformative power of this cosmic event and let it guide you toward personal growth and fulfillment in your home life. 



Your finances are front and center this month. In truth, they’ve been front and center since eclipses and the nodal axis started stirring things up last July. This month’s solar eclipse (on April 8) will ignite your house of money and self-worth, setting the stage for breakthroughs. Solar eclipses are dramatic turning points, harbingers of change, and a time to recalibrate of your priorities. This one in Aries embodies the sign’s energy of courage, enthusiasm and the ability to confront problems head-on. If you’re feeling stuck in the past, trust the revelations, synchronicities and possibilities that reveal themselves in April. A north nodal eclipse will propel you to manifest your highest potential. Any blocks or struggles will shift in new directions—anything is possible! That’s why you’ve got to consider your self-worth. The lunation is conjoined by Chiron (the wounded healer), creating space for you to resolve issues with money and value. With Mars in Pisces joining Saturn, you can expect some obstacles and delays along the way. Those will clear up in May! Stay grounded and focused on your goals while remaining flexible and open to change. Embrace the passion and enthusiasm the Aries Moon and eclipse bring, but temper it with caution and self-awareness. Remember: Any challenges or disruptions ultimately lead you toward your highest path.


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