Your April Horoscopes

From our favorite astrologer Lori Bell, here's what the stars have in store for April...
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Taurus moves slowly this month — it's a methodical and grounded influence that offers pragmatic problem-solving and common sense. Mercury calls our attention to the sensory world, inviting us to chill, relax and enjoy life to the fullest. In Taurus, Mercury is guided by Venus — which brings pleasure, partnership and togetherness. There is a reduced interest in hustling and being on the go, so it's time to lean into slowing down and enjoying being still. Taking time to relax is key in maintaining peace throughout your life. 


On April 21, Mercury will retrograde in this sign, bringing a period of reassessments to where you seek the most comfort, security and stability. At this time, finally, our minds can settle down after the hectic Aries season. Aries Season brings up a lot, so it's important to indulge in this retrograde in a way that allows us to catch up. This retrograde cycle allows us to complete projects and get organized. Mercury retrograde always brings glitches; this retrograde demands us to ground, rest and reassess our values. Spend time in nature, tune into the senses and find ways that calm our minds. Do expect the usual Mercury retrograde snafus, miscommunication, canceled appointments and travel delays. Instead of getting upset, stay calm and adjust. Stress is not the best course of action during this time. Drop into Taurus's chill, don't let minor annoyances disturb your inner peace. 


Full Moon in Libra 16 degrees, arrives on April 6. Invites a compassionate, generous spirit to things you need to discuss; we want to be open to meeting others in the middle. It highlights collaboration and connection. It is about peace, diplomacy, alliances, compromising and negotiation. Venus rules this lunation; she is in her power in Taurus, bringing stability. Venus, sextile to Neptune, brings peace, kindness, forgiveness and compromise. So make peace where you can or extend the olive branch before moving into eclipse season. This lunation can illuminate the darkness or what we haven't seen. Venus is close to the fixed star Alogal; it can be about worrying or losing your head. Be mindful not to make a minor issue huge, creating stress and angst. On the other hand, if you have a great concern during this lunation, don't freak; take a pause and give it a few days. It can bring creative inspiration, which can become obsessive.


This month is a major mood shift, as Venus moves into curious and sociable Gemini. She wants to meet new people, is playful and is willing to try new things. It's the perfect springtime mood — you'll feel enthusiastic, witty and ready to mingle or meet new people. Venus in Gemini is lighter, feels more flexible and makes you feel like you're a tad bit adaptable. You'll begin to enjoy daily connections — she craves mobility and the type of freedom where she can move around — a type of variety and flexibility that you'll enjoy more once the Summer Solstice arrives. 


Jupiter conjuncts the Sun at 21 degrees of Aries, a gift from the cosmos — bringing blessings and expansion. Jupiter is in a cazimi, where it is in exact conjunction with the Sun. This is all about Jupiter being reborn, setting us on a new journey for the next 12 months. It is a blessing of growth and opportunities. Plant those seeds for new beginnings and fresh enthusiasm. There are soon to be unanticipated or fortuitous events that benefit you. During this time, there is a spirit of generosity towards others: support, time, or finances. Do take those risks, as they lead to progress and expansion — this will bode well for you. This is the time to chase that dream, make a bold decision, go for something big and enthusiastically throw yourself into life. This aspect lasts two to three weeks; take those steps to make your dreams happen!


Happy Taurus Season! It is an opportune time to reconnect with our sensory world: listen to music, be nature and enjoy the sensual pleasures of life. Although renowned for its strength and power, Taurus symbolizes mellow energy, which is easygoing, comforting and supportive. Sun in Taurus is co-present with the North Node and Uranus; as much as Taurus wants you to calm down and settle, things are going to be in flux. We are starting to get input from the two outer planets, Pluto and Saturn, who are now in different signs. We are learning more about different pathways to what pleases us. It is a subtle undercurrent; you must tune in to understand its meaning. 


Hello, drama. Hello, eclipse season! A new moon solar eclipse in Aries at 29 degrees arrives on April 19. Eclipses bring drama and unexpected change, shake us up and break us out of complacency. It is a very energetic eclipse, as Mars, the planet of action, rules it; however, he is not in a strong position in fallen Cancer. There's a desire to start new things, an impulsive quantity; it conjuncts the North Node. It brings instability and uncertainty, yet breakthroughs. In Aries, it is impatient and rash, with an insatiable need for action and activity. We may scatter ourselves as we want to be busy; we can override our physical or emotional needs and plow through. The nature of this eclipse is to overdo it. Mars is in Cancer, where he is in his fall, with a long, uncertain lead-up. It is best to be wary of premature actions or decisions. Ideally, wait until the lunation is over before making decisions. May it bring bold breakthroughs! Eclipse season is nothing to fear. 
Here's what's happening for your Sun sign in April 2023...


April is your month, Aries! Jupiter will leave your sign next month, not returning until 2035. Carpe diem until then! Jupiter, the planet of luck, aligns with the Sun on April 11, one of the most beneficial days of the year; this energy will last for two weeks. This time should ignite a power within you; go for what you want, Aries! On April 20, a solar eclipse arrives in Aries at 29 degrees, demanding you to step into your power, Aries. You may feel an insatiable need for action and activity, but be mindful of impulsive decisions; it is best to wait a few days. If you're feeling overwhelmed, it does land on 4/20, so take a hit or eat an edible. Eclipses are wildcards but they are also agents of change. They bring breakthroughs and disruption — lean into the last of the Aries Season and set your sights high. Whatever you desire is in reach, it is up to you whether or not you go for it. 




Taurus, April is a bit of a respite as Jupiter will enter your sign next month, starting a new 12-year cycle. Jupiter will align with the Sun on April 11, one of the best alignments bringing blessings of growth and new possibilities is occurring in your 12 houses. Benefiting those behind-the-scenes actions taken privately, a time to rejoice in all you have done to get to this particular moment. Adding to the 12th house activity, a New Moon solar eclipse in Aries at 29 arrives on April 20, igniting that 12th house of spirituality, retreat and self-undoing. Eclipse's are wildcards, unpredictable, dramatic and messy. Taurus, all that drama will play out behind the scenes. This is a highly energetic lunation and it is best to work things out solo. Go within to find those answers, don't seek them externally. It is an opportunity to release those inner psychic closets which sabotage you. Eclipses will shed light on what needs to change. Cheers to transformation, we can't wait to catch up with you afterwards.




April brings the first Mercury retrograde of 2023, plus a solar eclipse. Mercury enters Taurus on April 3 and then turns retrograde on April 21. In Taurus, you may find it unbearably slow and tedious. Be patient and do your due diligence with this Mercury retrograde. Try to avoid the usual snafu. On April 11, expansive Jupiter will conjunct the Sun, bestowing abundance and new possibilities. This incredible alignment activates your 11th house of friends, hopes, dreams and future aspirations. Gemini, seize the day and take a risk; this energy will linger for a few weeks so enjoy it. A New Moon solar eclipse arrives on April 20 in Aries at 29 degrees, joining Jupiter and the Sun in the 11th house. It is an invigorating, messy, dramatic eclipse creating disruption and breakthroughs. It is ideal for expanding your networks and connections. Be mindful not to make rash decisions; wait a few days after the eclipse has passed — it may feel good to act on your impulses, but make sure to give them a second glance. 



Cancer, the first three weeks of this next month are about your career, so put yourself out there! On April 11, Jupiter joins the Aries at 21 degrees — it'll feel like a supernova hits your career sector! It is a blessing of opportunities and fortuitous events. You've got Mars in your sign, giving you the courage to put yourself out there. Be that fearless, confident risk-taker that you know you are! The cosmos are keeping with the message; on April 20, a New Moon solar eclipse arrives in Aries at 29 degrees, igniting that 10th house of work. Eclipses bring shakeups; they are unpredictable game-changers. This energizing lunation, ruled by Mars, is action-driven, impulsive and impatient. Please, don't make rash decisions during this dramatic lunation; wait a few days — you'll thank me later for this advice. While you should be careful, this period can and will bring in exciting new developments or realizations of your goals. This energy will last around six months; so you'll have time to sort it out! Shine bright, Cancer — this period of time will do wonders for your work life. 




Seize the next three in the Aries Season! The best days of this month are April 10 to 11. During this time, Jupiter, the planet of luck and abundance, will align with your ruler, the Sun, which is exalted in Aries. Not the day that you do not want to let pass by. It brings blessing, generosity and luck. It illuminates your 9th house of travel, spiritually, wisdom and expanding your mind! So find a shaman and go on an inward vision quest. Drop into the intuitive realms, dig into the healing world of plant medicine, or go back to college. Whatever path you choose, you're inspired to have more meaning in your life. April 19, a new moon solar eclipse arrives in Aries at 29 degrees, igniting that 9th house. Eclipses bring shakeups, breakthroughs that break us out of complacency. It is an energizing, active lunation. You may impulsively book a trip, enroll in a class, or start micro-dosing on something. While this time is energizing, you may want to hold off on those plans until the eclipse passes as you do not have all the information yet. Next month, your career is on fire! So relish the Aries season and its positive offerings — they're here to stay for a while. 



Virgo, your ruler Mercury leaves brazen Aries and enters fellow earth Taurus on April 3. In Taurus, Mercury moves slowly. It is a methodical and grounded influence that offers pragmatic problem-solving and common sense. The glitch is Mercury stations retrograde on April 21; being your ruler, retrogrades especially distress you. So be prudent, except for the usual delays, mishaps and miscommunication. During this time, your house of travel and learning is impacted. If you are traveling, plan for delays and go with the flow rather than fight it. The best alignment arrives on April 11 — benefic Jupiter conjuncts the Sun, bestowing blessings, abundance and luck! Your house of finances, shared resources and investments are the recipient of good fortune! You'll find that this energy lasts for a few weeks; seize the opportunities that come your way! A New Moon solar eclipse arrives on April 20 in Aries at 29 degrees joining Jupiter in the 8th house — his eclipse is energizing, messy and dramatic. Eclipses bring change, breakthroughs and disruption. Please do not invest or make major financial decisions on this lunation; wait a few days after — you do not have all the information you need to make these rash decisions. You may feel overconfident, impulsive or careless on this lunation. 


Get ready, Libra — your relationships and love are getting an overhaul this April. Relationships are paramount to you, all of them: partners, lovers, friends, colleagues and even four-legged ones. On April 11, Jupiter is in exact conjunction with the Sun, giftings blessings, abundance and fortuitous encounters. Therefore, your relationship is infused with Jupiter and the Sun's benevolent light. The energy will last for a few weeks; seize it! The cosmos wants you to get the message, a new moon solar eclipse arrives on April 20, igniting your house of relationships. Solar eclipses are disruptors; they shake you up, break you out of complacency and change you. Libra, what do you want in your partnerships? The eclipse energy lasts six months; you have time to sort it out. Cheers, to love, baby!


Scorpio, this month invites you to take control of your health and well-being. Mark this day in your calendar, April 11; expansive Jupiter conjuncts the Sun, a cazimi, where Jupiter is reborn under the Sun's rays. This aspect sets us on a new journey for the next 12 months — it is a blessing of growth and opportunities. Your house of health, well-being and daily routine is infused with positivity. The cosmos wants to be sure you get the message. A New Moon solar eclipse in Aries at 29 degrees joins Jupiter on April 20. Eclipses are wildcards, unpredictable and game changers. It is a wake-up call, time to put your health first and foremost; how do you manage your stress levels? And how are you going to take care of yourself? Scorpio; this lunation is energizing and dramatic. Before you rush into a new health regimen, pause first — gather more information before impulsively jumping into a new one. Do cut out those unhealthy habits. The eclipse energy lasts six months, so you've time to implement a healthier and happier Scorpio! 



Sagittarius, April brings big fun. Jupiter will join the Sun on April 11, one of the luckiest days of the year — mark that in your calendar, pronto! Both planets join together at an exact degree called a cazimi, infusing you with luck, generosity and fortuitous connections. At this time, your 5th house of creativity, self-expression, joy and romance receives positivity. Jupiter makes everything bigger and better, so take your adventurous Sag spirit out to find luck in love. In addition, Venus, the planet of love, ignites your house of relationships, indeed a month for love, romance and good fortune. Seize it! A New Moon solar eclipse arrives on April 20 in Aries at 29 degrees, joining the 5-house party. Eclipses are game-changers that break you from compliance to bring out your best version. This lunation is energizing, dramatic and a bit messy. Ruler by Mars, there is an impatience, impulsive quality that desires action and activity. Sag, before you drop everything and rush into a relationship or wake up next to a stranger, you may want to wait until this lunation shimmers down in a few days. The energy lasts six months; you have plenty of time for romantic fun! 



April is calling you home — domestic themes prevail this month. The most auspicious alignment arrives on April 11, with benevolent Jupiter getting infused with the Sun's rays. This is an exact conjunction called a Cazimi, which starts a new 12-year cycle bestowing blessings, generosity and happiness onto you. However, on April 20, a New Moon solar eclipse arrives in Aries at 29 degrees, joining Jupiter in the 4th house. Eclipses are unpredictable wildcards; this one is dramatic and messy, but it brings breakthroughs. Capricorn, lean into the Jupiter Sun conjunction, as this eclipse may bring some drama to your home life. Mars rules the lunation; he dwells in your house of relationships, in moody Cancer. This can cause some friction at home. It is a highly energetic, impulsive and impatient New Moon. It is ideal for home improvements, spring cleaning and creating your perfect home. Before you initiate any significant changes, wait until the eclipse has passed — you like things done in a particular order, Capricorn. Do invite friends, invest in a next-level spring cleaning and make your house the ideal place you want to be. The eclipse energy lasts six months; time is on your side. 




This month invites you to express yourself and share your brilliance with the world — the most promising and lucky cosmos alignments occur this month. As Jupiter conjuncts, the Sun on April 11 in Aries at 21 degrees, gracing you with luck, generosity and fortuitous events. At this time, your 3rd house of communication and learning receives Jupiter's blessings. Your confidence, risk-taker and entrepreneurial side gets activated and you feel alive. To add to the 3rd house theme, a New Moon solar eclipse arrives on April 20 in Aries at 29 degrees, joining Jupiter. Eclipses are wildcards, unpredictable game-changers that break you out of complacency. This one is dramatic, energetic and full of fire. Ruler by Mars, the energy is impulsive, impatience and craves action and activity. Be mindful before you spin out in a thousand directions and don't make rash decisions or come to conclusions, as you do not have all the information; wait a little. You'll be enthused with brilliant ideas. Do share your ideas with others and express yourself, Aquarius! Take a risk, learn a language, write a novel, start a podcast, do something you've never done before — get out of your comfort zone.




Is money on your mind, Pisces? Don't worry, because April gifts you with abundance. One of the best cosmic alignments arrives on April 11, when expansive Jupiter conjuncts the Sun, infusing your money house and bringing luck, blessings and good fortune. Unfortunately, Pisces, you're not the best at managing your money. Your spirit of generosity quickly depletes your bank account. Advice: get a little selfish for once (be a little more like an Aries); treat yourself instead this month. The New Moon solar eclipse arrives on April 20 in Aries at 29 degrees, joining Jupiter in your house of cash. Eclipses bring change and they are unpredictable — they cause you to break out of complacency. This lunation is ruled by Mars, creating drama, impulsiveness and impatience and it is highly energetic. Please do not make rash decisions concerning your finances or large purchases; wait a few days until it is over. The deeper theme is how you make and spend your money. So, Pisces, learn to budget, tap into your entrepreneurial spirit and take those calculated risks. This energy will last six months, plenty of time to amass your fortune! 


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