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Sonic Heartbeat Meditation w/ Jared & Yana

Sonic Heartbeat Meditation w/ Jared & Yana

The pulse of the heartbeat rhythm will guide us through movement, yoga, drumming and dance as we explore the heart chakra and embark on an hour long Didgeridoo, Crystal Bowl and Gong meditation.

Jared Bistrong is a Miami native who crafts his own didgeridoos out of native palm trees and bamboo and has been making, playing and teaching the didgeridoo for over 18 years. As a multi-media professor, musician and educator, he has been on the forefront of sound healing exploration, integrating the didgeridoo and drums into a variety of educational and musical settings and healing modalities. A lot of his focus has been on utilizing ancient, hand-made instruments to offset the effects that living a modern, stagnant, digital existence has on our minds, bodies and nervous systems. He is an NSEV Certified Group Sound Healer.

Yana Guseva discovered yoga in 2004, shortly after moving to the United States from Vladivostok, Russia. Yoga reminded Yana of her long-standing background in dance and it wasn't much longer until the practice resonated beyond the physical body and Yoga became a way of living, treating self and others. Her personal practice has fluctuated from Hatha to Vinyasa, to power yoga, to anusara, to Ashtang. She continues to draw inspiration for her personal practice and teaching through attending new and familiar teachers, trainings and workshops, exploring new styles and refining the traditional

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