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Reiki II Course

Reiki II Course

Practicing Reiki means to wish happiness, health and well-being to all beings. This simple, yet effective technique is based on the idea that an energy life force flows within and around all of us.

Reiki II is an opportunity to delve even further into the transformative nature of this amazing, yet simple practice. Reiki, (a Japanese word meaning “Unseen Energy,” and often translated as “Universal Life Force,”) offers us the possibility, now being documented by medical science, of being able to transfer healing energy through our hands, to others, whether they are with us or far away.

In this full day workshop, our Reiki Master, Lorraine Meyer revels to participants the restorative power one can create when holding sacred space, with a loving heart and healing intentions. Mikao Usui, who formulated this technique, used sacred symbols to represent the infinite nature of life force, the love it is shared with and the concept that we are all connected and may, therefore, send healing energy to those at a distance from us. These symbols and how they are used are the main focus of the day.

This clear, concise and hands-on class gives all participants the opportunity to discover the relaxation, healing and balance available through Reiki practice. Class includes an opportunity for each participant to give and receive a Reiki Healing Session.

All participants must be certified in Reiki I, either with Lorraine or another certified Reiki Master & Teacher.
Reiki Level II Course includes:
• Learning to draw and use the Reiki Symbols
• The techniques of Reiki Distant Healing
• Techniques for clearing the energy fields
• Techniques for participating in a Reiki Circle
• Reiki Level II Attunement

$250 includes Spa Day Pass, Course includes ICRT Manual, Reiki: The Healing Touch and a Certificate of Completion.