Miami Beach

Too Cool for Stool with Miu Miu

Too Cool for Stool with Miu Miu

Miu Miu M/Marbles GIANT Stool:
December 3rd - 8th, 10am - 7pm
Gardens at The Standard Spa, Miami Beach

Miu Miu is heading to Miami to launch the next in a series of design collaborations with M/M (Paris), which will be the MIU M/MARBLES STOOL. The original stool, M/Matching Colorstool, launched during Salone del Mobile di Milan earlier this year. The second iteration, M/MARBLES STOOL is an elevation of the first version that features the combination of palm wood, crepe rubber and finally, hand blown Murano glass pegs.

During design week, a dedicated installation will be conceived right here in the Gardens at The Standard Spa, Miami Beach as well as the Miami Design District Post Office, in which an oversized version of the MIU MIU M/MARBLES STOOL defines the space. The installation demonstrates how this universal form can be adapted to any scale, transcending from the domestic realm to the habitable, becoming a symbol in its own right. The colorful walls have been chosen to reflect the iridescent nature of glass bringing a lightness to the space. The stool themselves will then be available for purchase in the Miu Miu Design District boutique, as well as on Learn more about the stool and collaboration below.

MIU MIU M/MARBLES STOOL is an evolution of the MIU MIU M/MATCHING COLORSTOOL. The title is written in the same brutalist typeface, the letters appearing as marbles which represent the oversized, glass matchsticks found within the box. These are part of a new design piece developed specifically for MIU MIU, bestowing the possibility of personalizing an archetypal stool designed by M/M (PARIS).

M/M (PARIS) have a long-standing artistic dialogue with PRADA and MIU MIU. Together they have developed multi-dimensional projects that include alphabets, exhibitions, and installations for fashion runway shows. Expanding upon this vibrant collaboration, they have operated a mutation of their classic stool, which previously appeared in the set design for the MIU MIU Fall Winter 2018 runway presentation, reinvented once again for the MIUMIU M/MATCHING COLORSTOOL.

For this edition, the sturdy and stackable three-legged seat has been constructed of walnut and palmwood: a symbol of Miami and its iconic palm-tree lined sidewalks. In combining the two types of wood, the walnut base becomes a precious jewel concealed by the outer layer of palmwood.

MIU MIU M/MARBLES STOOL stool plays with the language of fashion: additional materials such as rubber and glass have been introduced, evoking the idea of fashion accessories. Rubber — a material most commonly found on the soles of shoes — is used to stencil the form whilst the glass matchsticks complete and personalize the object. This is made possible by the 300 systematically distributed perforations which can be infinitely customized by the matchsticks. Each glass element has been carefully fabricated by hand, taking four minutes a piece to produce: a reflection on the artisanal nature of fashion. These precious objects contrast with the solid walnut and palmwood form, injecting colour and an overall lightness. This unique stool is produced in a limited edition of 40.