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Self-Love: Nurturing Ritual Manifesting Love

Self-Love: Nurturing Ritual Manifesting Love

Ritual creates space to go deeper into the essence of our being. Together we will explore rituals of self-love and gratitude, reminding us of our innate magic powers and interconnectedness. Opening with breath and meditative movement we will come into the space of our bodies to feel the depths of our true being. In the ability to feel there is a sense of ease to express our Universal truth and watch it reflect back as we live our inspired creation. In this workshop we will journey through:

• Gentle connected movement to assist us in embodying our radiance and magnetism

• Crystal sound bowl experience to feel the energy of our subtle body

• Learning about the basic rules of vibrational manifestation

• Crafting our own Sacred ritual to honor our creativity & essence

Manifesting all in the hamam with a nourishing milk mask for body or soothing bath.

$45 includes indoor baths I $150 includes Spa Day Pass