Miami Spa

H2-OM: Eye Gazing & Yoga Flow

H2-OM: Eye Gazing & Yoga Flow

Friday September 22, 8 - 9:30P with Jolenny Piedra & Brianna Rose

Join Jolenny Piedra and Brianna Rose to bring you a heart opening workshop! Together, we intentionally connect with self and community through Eye Gazing & Gentle Flow Yoga. First, Jolenny Piedra from Sacred Soul Living and The Eye Gazing Experience will kick start the evening by facilitating an Eye Gazing Journey to open up the space within and lead us in a journey to deeper human connection. She will be guiding us as we connect in a soulful and gentle way with our fellow yogis and friends.

The intention, the essence behind this workshop:

*To engage in moments of meaningful and sacred human connection.

*To connect with yourself and others on a deeper level.

*To slow down together and remember the truth of who we really are.

Then, following the Eye Gazing, Brianna Rose will welcome us on our way onto our mat to integrate and intentionally move our body through a carefully curated yoga flow.

Connect, ignite and expand. We look forward to seeing, connecting, and creating with you. $40 includes indoor baths I $150 includes Spa Day Pass