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Astrology and Ayurveda for Health and Life Abundance Workshop

Astrology and Ayurveda for Health and Life Abundance Workshop

Saturday November 9, 6:30 - 8:30P with Anabella and Dr. Scott

This Astrology and Ayurveda workshop is a two-hour presentation consisting of a one-hour lecture, and one-hour interactive practical session. Explore the connection between Astrology and Ayurveda and how these ancient practices can be used as not only diagnostic tools for Health, but also as a way of creating abundance in all aspects of our lives, such as Career, Love and Romance, Relationships, and Spiritual Growth. Receive a detailed description of the scientific credibility of Astrology including a brief history of its application and a correlation of modern science principles and the ancient art form. Included as well is a description discussing significant planetary arrangements in the individual’s natal chart and how Astrology describes every nuance of an individual’s personality and physical tendencies including tendencies towards dis-ease. You will learn about the most pertinent planets, signs, and houses as they pertain to a person’s physical health. In addition, there will be a brief description of the history of Ayurveda and how a person’s Astrological birth chart is manifested in their own personal Ayurvedic profile. Ayurveda can be viewed as the energy by which we express the Astrological tendencies in our bodies and personalities. During the second part of the workshop you will take a 15 question Ayurvedic profile as a group. Each participant will receive some guidance and those who wish to share their own personal findings will have an opportunity to do so. Volunteers can choose to share their birth information so that as a group, will be able to correlate their personal birth charts with their Ayurvedic profile.

$45 includes indoor baths | $150 includes Spa Day Pass

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