Miami Beach

International Women's Day at The Standard Spa, Miami Beach

International Women's Day at The Standard Spa, Miami Beach

In Honor of International Women's Day, we've collaborated with in-house residents, Sabah, for a weekend celebration in our meditation gardens with some of our favorite local women-owned brands. 

EL BAZAAR in Miami
March 9th & 10th | 11 AM - 7 PM 
Shop Sabah's maker friends and curated market in Miami. 
  • Tintorería
  • VADA
  • Gemsun
  • KTN
  • Dale Zine
  • Alex Crane
  • Abigail Vintage
  • Costaiia
  • Odissea
  • Kuu Pottery
  • Karibi Studio

Introducing Hora Loca! 
Sunday, March 10th | 5 - 7PM
Feat. Chef Sebastian Vargas, CASALÚ & DJ JOEY & More!

Women Owned Brands:

Costaiia is a curation and design studio that works in collaboration with artisans and craftsmen in Mexico.
Established in 2020 by Patricia Maria Pietri, Costaiia was founded to create a landscape that would interlace contemporary and traditional worlds through craft and design. Costaiia’s creative direction is rooted in the idea of storytelling, inspired by myths, folk tales, stories and customs passed down and re-interpreted through generations. 
Our collections are a reflection of our passion for preserving tradition and folklore while paving new ways for artisanal design.

Odissea is an artful experience meant to be worn as a reflection of a kind of subtle beauty. Our pieces are crafted to enhance details, shapes, and colors from the world around us. Odissea was born in the Rockaways -the strong and subtle combination of the ocean and a lost wandering soul made meaning to the brand. The ever-changing expression of the natural shells sparked its course representing change as a vehicle for beauty. 

This is Odissea: “a voyage with changes of fortune. ” 

Karibi Studio All our pieces are created by Indian artisans. Each pattern is printed by hand, making every piece a unique artistic treasure. Our collections are trans-seasonal which enables us to stick closely to our mission of not over-producing. Our vision is to operate as harmoniously as possible with the environment and local communities, always giving back more than what we take.

Tintorería is a unique New York-based apparel design studio on a mission to offer a healthier and restorative alternative to modern garments without sacrificing elevated functional style, generous comfort, and easy care. We exclusively create all pieces incorporating luxury-grade natural materials, from thread to dye. Women-owned.