Miami Spa

Standard Bayside Yoga Day

Standard Bayside Yoga Day

Dive in! The Standard is taking the plunge hosting a Day of Yoga October 30! Join us to celebrate Yoga, lifestyle and bathing – with the core purpose to share and create a community around Yoga, Wellbeing, Consciousness and Spirituality inside and out! The Standard Yoga Day is bringing together some of the world’s leading Yoga teachers, DJs and the Miami community for a full day of inspiration, leaving you integrated and connected. Yoga and Meditation with Chill Sounds, between classes enjoy bayside playful bliss and pool for a divine experience. 

Camp Standard Bayside Yoga Day’s Yoga lineup includes Elgar Richards, Dawn Feinberg, Kelly & Paige & Vanessa Scotto and Bayside Class times:

Morning Session 10:30- 12:30P 

Afternoon Session 2:30 – 4:30P

Sunset Session 6 – 7:30P

Wind-down Meditation 8 – 8:30P 

Standard Bayside Yoga Pass $125 includes Spa Day Pass