DESIRE Issue Launch

DESIRE Issue Launch

The Laboratory Arts Collective publishes themed edition magazines bi annually and this month they celebrate the launch of DESIRE. Each issue is an exploration of a concept. A cataclysmic experience that incorporates removable reproductions of artworks, a variety of paper stocks of different sizes and textures and content that is mined from deep and interesting sources.

At the launch event of DESIRE in collaboration with The Standard, Hollywood, The Laboratory presents some of the artists from the magazine. 


Lola Rose Thompson

Caroline Jones is a British artist and sculptor, now based in California. After exploring the fluidity of light, water and emotion in her acclaimed “Pool Series” — the artist has journeyed into the Mojave Desert to interact with the monolithic, ancient and immovable with her latest project “Formations.”

Cathy Weiss - Spiritual printmaker 

With spoken word/readings from… 

Kristen Ellinson, a filmmaker and Imagery Facilitator as well as a Master Hypnotist. She will be reading a piece from the magazine entitled "Diary".

Alan Selka - butler to one of the most powerful Hollywood producers of all time, who travelled to Spain and spent a weekend with the great Salvador Dali, listen as he describes Dali and literally before your very eyes as he channels the surrealist master.

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