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Attention West Coast cinephiles! This Thursday, July 25th, Standard Talks and NewFilmmakers LA present the second installment of our popular screening series, Short Shorts, at The Standard, Hollywood. Short Shorts is a monthly event featuring five short films, followed by five conversations with the people who made them. This month's films include:

Role Play - directed by Adam J Smith

In Role Play we meet three immigrant actors who grapple with stereotyping in the Hollywood film industry.

Took A Bullet - directed by Daniel Zagayer

Darren lives a selfish egotistical life. But after his best friend Brian takes a bullet for him outside a local bar, Darren must overcome a dark karmic energy that haunts his life after the freak accident. Will Darren learn the true value of good friends and solid relationships? Or will he meet his demise, in this dark coming of age Dramedy from the Los Angeles West Valley Chillers.

Cupid - directed by John Dion

Cupid is a comedy about a disillusioned Cupid, who wants to quit his job and go home. He is tired of making people fall in love, only to see them fall apart. But before he gets a ticket back, he has to finish one final assignment.

Lilly - directed by David Wendelman

Meet George and Lilly. They've been married for 14 years. For better or for worse? This mockumentary short takes an intimate look into the private lives of two people whose devotion to each other puts a new spin on "marriage".

The Most Girl Part Of You - directed by Mark Cummins

Jack "Big Guy" Fitch and Kate Puerfield have been best friends since they were little. After his mother takes her life, Big Guy's once oddball, charming behavior becomes just plain odd, and Kate finds herself both appalled and moved by the increasingly outrageous forms of his bereavement. After a harrowing accident, Kate begins to acknowledge the extent of her attraction to her friend, and their relationship peaks one fateful night -- on a wave of grief, confusion, and finally exhilaration which marks the end of childhood and the beginning of something else.

The screenings are free and open to the public.

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