Vanessa Beecroft Recreates Art at The Standard

(Vanessa Recreates her Portrait in the Standard Miami, Sat, Dec 4, 2010)

In our look back on great events during Art Basel, we thought we’d share a few images from one of our big events that just took place this last Saturday. Playboy and The Standard hotel, along with Stoli Elit and Le Metier de Beaute hosted a night called Nude is Muse.

The evening called for unique presentation by artists Vanessa Beecroft, Ryan McGinness, Richard Phillips, Lola Schnabel, Olympia Scarry, Terence Koh, Sante D’Orazio, Scott Campbell, Xaviera Simmons, and Hank Willis Thomas. Guests were invited to come and spectate the unfolding of new recreations. 

(Dinner at The Standard hotel while installations formed around Guests)

The artist Vanessa Beecroft cast 18 nude models to recreate her iconic show at the Guggenheim Museum which was displayed in 1998. In terms of other artists, Ryan McGinness chose to draw and paint portraits of his nude models instead of putting his work on the models. Terrence Koh insisted that his model be casted as a “modern Michelangelo” but with only the models member being painted white. Artist Olympia Scarry had Givenchy design a burka for her which she wore without anything else underneath. Lola Schnabel manned both the DJ booth as well as her own piece which was a super 8 projector showing a film of her erotic drawings on the body of a model laying in a bathtub.

Olympia Scarry in a burka designed by Givenchy

(Vanessa Beecroft’s iconic installation, Guggenheim Museum 1998)

(Vanessa Beecroft, The Standard Miami)

Vanessa’s installation in the pool was a hit. The overall gathering of amazing guests looked upon the works of art over good food and wine, along the breezy Miami bay. Party hosts Lorna Donohoe, Neville Wakefield, Jimmy Jellinek, and Brooke Geahan invited art world darlings which included Francisco Costa, Lola Schnabel, Vito Schnabel, Stavros Niarchos, Ryan McGinley, Dree Hemingway, Kembra Pfaler, Todd Eberle, Edward Chapman, Nicholas Breggruen, Lorenzo Martone, Ryan McGinness, Jeffrey Deitch, China Chow, and Olympia Scarry. Not a bad group of dinner guests.

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